The Top 10 Toxins That Are Secretly Poisoning Your Kids

careforyourbodyeraoflightWe’re here to help you clean your home, however, especially of these top ten toxins that may be poisoning your children.

And this is a very real problem: Nearly 12 million children suffer from a behavioral, developmental, or learning disability.

Consider this:

In 2000, 1 in 150 children was autistic. By 2008, that rate was 1 in 88.
In the first 10 years of the new millennium, ADHD diagnoses increased 25%.
The leading cause of death in children under the age of 15 is now cancer.

That’s not the future you want for your children, is it?

And children are especially susceptible to toxins, as:

They’re still growing.
Their immune system is still developing.
They eat, drink, and breathe more than adults (per pound, anyway), which increases their exposure to toxins.

So clearly there are lots of great reasons to try and protect your children from these toxins.

Below are the ten toxins to which children are most exposed:

  1. Mercury Fillings. The mercury in these fillings is slowly leached into your kid’s body everyday which causes long term neurological damage. This mercury exposure is made even worse by the other sources your child is exposed to from vaccines and other drugs.

  2. Environmental Toxins. Plenty of children develop cancer from the seemingly strangest sources – old insulation in an old school, for instance. Be aware of these risks.

  3. Prescription Drugs. ADHD drugs, for instance, are amphetamines – the same class of drugs as meth or speed. Is that really what you want to be giving your child?

  4. MSG in foods and personal care products. MSG is everywhere. It is very toxic and results in many health problems.

  5. Toxins in processed foods and fast foods. Have you thought about the amount of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, nitrates and artificial colors and flavors in the hot dog that you give your child for lunch? These chemicals are used in all processed and fast foods and are a constant source of toxicity.

  6. Toxins in Laundry products. These products may smell nice, however, the chemicals that create that fragrance are cancer-causing toxins.

  7. Toxins in shampoo and personal care products (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc). Have you read the back of your shampoo or body wash bottle lately? Chances are that you will not recognize 99% of the ingredients.

  8. Toxins in household cleaning products. Window cleaners state on the bottle that they are harmful or fatal if swallowed. Bleach will certainly cause grave danger if ingested. Though we don’t drink them, these chemicals are absorbed into our bodies by inhalation or through our skin.

  9. Pesticides in the home, food, and environment. We use pesticides in the home that get into our bodies by inhalation or accidental skin exposure. We consume produce and meat that contain ridiculous levels of pesticides.

  10. Soda pop. Both depending on where you live soda (and) pop contain high amounts of phosphoric acid which literally dissolves your child’s teeth and leads to softening of the bones as well. Not to mention the high fructose corn syrup causing toxicity, obesity and diabetes.

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