The Angels: We Ride Together In An Unseen Chariot Across The Horizon

angel messageYour True identity is not your name. Your True identity is not your badge. Your True Identity is not your occupation. Your True Identity is not your college degree. Your True Identity is not your mother’s son. Not even that. Your True identity is not your wealth nor your poverty. The Truth of your Identity is not your race or color or any of these other extraneous matters. The Truth of Who you are is not your ego. Your Truth is far greater than any of these. Let go of the importance of the small stuff. The small stuff means little next to your True Identity. Pshaw.

If you look like a movie star, there is nothing more to make of it but that you look like a movie star. If you are a movie star, you long have known that this is strictly not your identity. It is a hill of beans.

If you think you are a horse, a horse is not your identity. You know it is not. If you can know that a horse is not your identity, you can know that other world identities are also not Who you are.

That you are a King or Queen is not your identity. These are titles. Certainly, for all practical purposes, you might as well claim your titles. The titles fell on you. Pick them up.

In these days Kings and Queens do not believe in themselves as the cheering crowds appeared to believe in them in times past.

Even to the cheering crowds, even to those who wish they wore crowns, it is well known that being royalty is not exactly a picnic. Adoring crowds can only be adoring crowds. And a golden crown put on your head can only be a kind of special style of hat placed on your crown of hair for pomp and circumstance.

Do not misunderstand Me. Take joy in what gives you joy. Be happy for what is given to you. And be happy for what you achieve on your own present merit. These are your contributions to the world. Be glad and grateful. Just do not take them as your Identity.

Of course, a false identity of yours may have meant everything to you and even feed you and aggrandize you. No matter, these outer assessments have nothing to do with the Truth of you, nor can your True identity be a list of your collected mistakes. Absolutely not.

Nor can your True Identity be mistakes others have made in their appraisals of you. No matter how the world has treated you or has not treated you – all of this has nothing to do with Who you are. Don’t buy into shoddy appraisals. Don’t be so influenced. Never.

If you have held yourself back because of others’ views of you, stop now. Your view, and My view, are what matters. Pretty much, others’ opinions of you are based on their opinions of themselves. In any case, no one else is the making of you.

Once upon a time when a ruler rode in his chariot before the cheering hordes, there was also a rider who reminded the ruler: “You are only a man.” The intent is clear. “Don’t get a swelled head.”

Now, as you and I ride together in an unseen chariot across the horizon, I am saying to you:

“Beloveds, you are more than a mere man or woman. You are far more than your human Beingness. You are far more than you will allow yourself to believe.”

The only identity that is yours to claim is Son of God or Daughter of God. And you are greater yet. You and I both are also more. We, you and I, ride in Infinity. Our True One Identity is Oneness.

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