Horus: Spiritual Evolution

horusSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self and with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message coming through from Heru.

I Heru, speak through the Heart of my beloved to the Hearts of you all.

Blessings and Salutations dear ones for it is a blessing to connect with you all today.

It is a time of great joy that many shifts are unfolding. Your Earth is now moving forth into a great Spiritual Evolution that has not been seen upon your Earth for Eons. It is a time of great revealing and in this great revealing many Truths are unfolding.

The Planetary influences that are occurring in this System of Worlds are assisting the Galactic Core at this time in assisting your Planet Earth. Jupiter and Saturn have significant influences upon your Earth at this time. For it is indeed a time of great balance of great harmony. The connections of these planets are of significance and have had a major part to play in this system of worlds, in the influence of Alchemy, and of History. They are the representation of the Father Essence, the Masculine, the Nurturer. The Truths are unfolding, Higher Consciousness is abundant now for the Ascending Souls embracing the Light.

Great Challenges are underway, a time to connect with your Heart for the Universe conspires to connect with with the inner truths.

Evolution is the key connecting the matter world to Spirit. Moving, Shifting, Healing, Connecting.

Connection with your Timelines are underway as the energy of the Emerald Gateways unfold taking you through the Halls of Amenti… Connecting you with times of Ancient Old…. This is all for a Divine Reason… for the unfoldment of the Divine Plan is as intended.

The Prism of Light is unfolding beautifully for you all upon this Ascension Process.

Connection is the key. This is your time. This is your time of remembering, to reconnect. Hold the light now. Hold it with your Love. Hold it with your prayers, your innocence, your thoughts, your wishes. Hold it with your breath. Hold it until you can hold it no longer for now is the time it needs coming through. Now is the time for connection.

Reconnect. Reconnect in the shallow waters that run deep as threads of light across the lands and the planes. In this time of great challenge, those of the lower vibration will create and co-create their final chaos. This is the time when the darkness would threaten to override the light but the light is strong. The light is stronger and would prevail.

You, light workers, unite. Send out your threads of thought. Embrace each other. Embrace the Other. Embrace all.

Light connecting light. Each one divine. Each one a thread in the web of the Cosmos. The Source filters down and through you and with you, reaches all; creatures large, small, infinitesimal in comparison, but holy all.

Take the hand of your loved one and take the hand of the stranger. Be it with a look. Be it with a touch. Be it with a thought. Be it with a sound. Take their hand. Unite across the planes and the worlds, across the lands, across the table, across the bridge. Unite. We must walk into the dark, bright. We must walk standing tall in our confidence of Love. And united we will prevail against the energies that would dampen the spheres. The Rays will come into this world and they will weave themselves through you, and are weaving themselves through you. And it is their light and your light comingled, Spirit One, that will send forth its threads. United in a web of light, holding the worlds, holding the planes, we all are.

Remember this. Remember your uniqueness within the One. Remember that you make a difference. Remember that your thoughts count. Remember that your prayers feel their way into the web, and they light a path to the Source and beyond.

We need you now. You need you now. All creatures are needed now. Bring forth the light. Let it shine at this time that it radiates throughout the worlds, known and unknown, across the planes, and into your lives and the lives of all. Let it rain down a beacon of fire that lights the beacons across the lands. Shining bright you are. Shining bright you will. Shining bright into an Age that needs your light more than else. Let it be. And let it be so. When the darkness comes, stand up and shine bright; shine brightly with Love, and all will be well. Yes it will.

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine this day.

www.EraofLight.com – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio