Contacting Your Guides in Dreams

awaken now eraoflightdotcomIf you have tried this but are just getting nowhere this technique may work for you.

1. Write your request in your Dream Journal. Keep it simple- “I wish to meet my Guides”. Don’t forget to add “I will remember this dream.” if remembering has been a problem for you.

2. Set the stage. Dreaming can be a very marvelous experience sometimes you should make a date with your dreams. Aromas and pleasant music with chimes, nature sounds or whale songs can aid in more productive dreams. I personally enjoy Steven Halprin’s music. If you wish you can even address your note like a letter and put it under your pillow or in a special box for Dream Mail or I have heard it called Angel Mail. Get comfy, do some cleansing breaths, then visualize.

3. If it has been a very hard day you might wish to clean up your act now. Perhaps you would like to see your problems of the day float down a lazy river or flow out upon the tide of a great ocean, or blow away in the wind. What ever you do with them have them dissolve no one else wants them either and its not nice to litter besides they might wash up on shore later for you to find. As you visualize these things also feel a healing begin, sense a freedom and a personal cleansing. As you begin to feel a sense of well being bring down a protective light to cover you on your journey knowing that you are creating a place of peace that you may begin to see as your personal dream gate.

If your guides do not come right away you or they may need more time. This is still a good exercise to repeat for growth and since you are here anyway you can search for gifts in the sand or you can most definitely call up your higher potential for a personal chat. Eventually you may come to absorb this higher potential when you are ready to do so.

This is very much like the technique I used to meet my first guide. I was given her name as Uma, which I sensed meant ancient grandmother. In my dream her love was very powerful. I did not fear her in anyway. In my dream I was laying in bed and she ran her hands over my body (about 5″ above my skin. She stopped right above my abdomen and spoke with words not thoughts “this is bad you need to fix soon”

Two weeks later I was in the emergency room with pain it took a lot of help from my guides to get me to the right Dr. and a clear diagnosis but the synchronicity involved in this episode was incredible. The first surgeon wanted to do exploratory (like hell) he wouldn’t even look me in the eye. I learned an acquaintance had, had similar pain, she recommended a specialist, but cautioned he is one of the two best in his field in this area it takes months to get in to see him. I went back to my office and called his office and got his nurse. I gave her a brief history, then unbelievably told her about the dream. She asked if we had a fax and we had just gotten one 2 days before, she had me fax the hospital to fax her the reports. The Dr. was going out of town he was leaving in less than an hour. She called me 30 minutes later I had an appointment as soon as he returned on Monday. It turns out she was of Cherokee descent and her grand mother was a shaman. Are Dreams Powerful I would have to say ohhhh yes they are incredibly powerful. Thank you UMA.



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