Heavenletters: Pass Your gifts on Right Away

heavenlettersGod said:

Alas, Beloveds, you may have a tendency to rue some of what you say as well as rue words that did not even occur to you to say. And, if you had thought of it, you may have missed the deadline.

Perhaps the person you want to say the words to has left Earth by now. Now you can only whisper to yourself as the Sun is setting, and you wonder where are the Days of Yesteryear.

You may well have glossed over your Heart at the time. Which is better or which is worse, to have not thought of a kind act in the first place, or to keep playing the same sad song over and over again?

Unspoken words hang over you like bills that you can never make good on. If only you had a stamp that you could stamp PAID on your Heart and be done with it… Only, you don’t, and you simply don’t know how to walk away from these unwritten debts either. How will you ever get out from under?

“Too late, too late,” sayeth the Raven.

No one is chasing after you but you. You are the heavy debt-collector who leaves bills in your mailbox. You are the one who keeps knocking on your door. You are the one who has to stop filling your Heart with debts.

Believe Me, once and for all, debt-collecting is not My purpose. I cast off debts. And so must you.

Starting right now: Praise yourself for all the good you say and do. Beloveds, do Me a favor and let go of the past you belabor yourself with. What do you think letting go of the past means?

Sit up straight and say, “Nice,” to yourself. And say it again and again until you believe it.

Being exists. All this that feels heavy to you is all imaginary anyway. Feeling nailed to the wall is no more than a soap opera you watch and leave on in the background.

Furthermore, what is this about your being too late? Recant to your Loved Ones, dead or alive, right now directly out loud or in writing. Do it. Be done with it. Let yourself off the hook. Be free.

In terms of the world, it’s unlikely that you will finish with all you could have done or been. Let yourself off the hook. As it is, you can hardly keep up with emails. Demands on you are many. As I speak to you now, I look deeply into your eyes. Look into Mine and see yourself as I do see you.

Beloveds, pass muster on yourself right now. You’re not just so-so. You are good. Accept the fact that you are not a saint, and let it be good enough that you be the best you can be in the midst of this far-reaching life.

You’re not going to win all the races. This is fair enough. Stay away from making too many demands on yourself.

It’s really okay to be 50% perfect. 50% doesn’t mean you are sloughing off.

What must be accomplished is being accomplished with or without your foreknowledge. You are responsible for what you are responsible for.

In another sense, of course, everyone is responsible to everyone for everything, yet everyone, soon or late, has also to cast off his or her past from the confines of the world.

The next time you have the opportunity to say to someone in this life: “What can I do for you?” Go ahead and ask right then and there, and also answer, “Yes,” right then and there and pass your gifts on right away.



» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff