New Atomic Codes Activated

thebluerayThe continual re-vamping and overhaul processes of each’s physical body’s CODING SYSTEM for how the body functions, how it processes and exists vibrationally just got amped up again huge.

The intense/immense increase in COSMIC RAYS blast the body (which in-turn does “reality” too), affecting how all functions, the SYSTEMS for all inside and outside.

The immune system (defense mechanisms/defense systems) undergoes immense re-coding to bring all into a much higher state of consciousness. The nervous system for each being overwhelmed is a necessary part of this process as well, as many do not understand how the body correlates to the outside/external reality on a multi-dimensional level.

Every part of the body is a part of an intricate SYSTEM that has to be continually re-coded and tuned. These new codes, now Comically “delivered” at an accelerated rate, activate INSIDE of the body in every cell. The magnitude of the “affect” will be determined by the physical dimension that the physical body occupies, amount of density, light quotient, the “physical matter” ratio of crystals, plasma, carbon-based atoms and plasma gas and more. The LightBody works very differently than the human one did. The human body will break-down on a cellular level at a different rate than the LightBody does. The Crystalline LightBody, Plasma Body and Plasma Crystalline LightBody, as well as the Etheric Plasma Crystalline LightBody (Avatar Body) all operate at different breakdown/regeneration/processing rates as well. Each has a differently tuned nervous system, immune system, operating system and neural network too. The amount of Quantum Photonic Light ratio determines the “speed” and intensity of the breakdown/rebuild processes. Carbon-based human bodies do this process more physically and “longer” and the affects are more “detrimental” to experience, because the body has not been tuned to function efficiently to process Light Encoded Data Packets and Quantum Light Cells yet.

The evolution of the physical body can be an immense/intense one for many, depending on how deeply asleep/embedded in their chosen Matrix System they are/were. Humans avoid discomfort, not realizing how this works. They try to find ways around going through this process, honoring this process and trying to control these DNA re-coding processes that COMPLETELY CHANGE how their bodies functions. This includes foods, sleep and every aspect of their life (money, relationships, jobs, where they live, everything).

In January, we activated “NEW HUMANITY CODES” (2222) that increase on a Cosmic Level like nothing we’ve experienced here before. These codes re-write HUMANITY on a whole, activate our Higher/Highest Consciousness HUmanity, within each, by opening hearts more vigorously and more powerfully than ever before.

These Cosmic Rays go straight to the old programming to “kill it off”, throwing the human body system out of whack, so that deeply suppressed programming held within the cellular body can purge/cleanse/clear. How intense will be determined by how deeply suppression is/was held, how much compromise on a SOUL Level one chose(s) and how much one “fights” this process of the BODY WAKING UP to leave those “lower” dimensions finally/once and for all.

The atomic structure of ones cells get blasted in cosmic radiation, weakening the body’s systems, so that the humans capability to over-ride and inner-fear with these processes goes. The human ego/unconscious aspect tries to do things “the old way” and maintain “old beliefs” that are no longer true and only create a vibrational disruption in these very important processes that NEED TO OCCUR, unless they are naturally, organically and loving supporting the BODY through these processes, as their own highest/universal selves.

The matrix programs “outside” are held within each. Those are each’s unconscious programs that keep those realities in place. Photonic light weakens and distorts, amplifies and makes things “loud” and through FREQUENCIES (sound, vibrational, feeling) re-structure the make-up of one’s cells, DNA and genetics…. re-coding to all new codes that replace the old ones, making it “harder” for each to function the old ways.

These Cosmic Frequencies move the physical body from a human heart to a WHOLE BODY HEART, where every part of one’s body becomes a UNIVERSAL HEART, then every cell will become an entire Galaxy within itself, as each embodies their Galactic Aspects (DNA) too. Crystalline/Christed DNA rewrites the physical body for physical body Ascension to occur, then the next phases begin, once one is able to hold this State of Consciousness for how they live their lives, in every way, in every moment, in every aspect of their lives, through every exchange. The other Consciousnesses will go through the same processes, activating that DNA, the re-coding process, then every exchange attributing to the Initiatory Passageways of Physical Embodiment.

When I wrote the March Energy Report, speaking of this being a Gateways through the Cosmic Christed Heart…. this means increased COSMIC RAYS “targeting” the physical body of everyone to elevate consciousness out of those old programs still held inside, keeping each held to old realities of unconsciousness like before.

Human Ego aspects fight and resist these processes, making the experience more intense on themselves, because this alone removes the ability to inner-fear. The depleted/blown out/broken down nervous system and immune system will “remove” that fight/resistance and clear that programming of separation/unconsciousness from the physical body, unless one keeps trying to “treat a perceived problem”, which suppresses and shuts/inhibits the body from restoring itself to NATURAL FLOW, creating another experience to have to clear, usually more intense than the previous one(s). Limited/fixed belief systems must be challenged by each or something “occur” to “force” one to realize alternative methods are necessary to “get through this”, as the human aspect doesn’t go to “alternative methods” usually, until there’s no other choice or every other thing to fix/control have been depleted and don’t work anymore……

COSMIC FREQUENCIES accelerate these processes of unconscious programming becoming visible and “treatments” not working anymore. As more start to realize how our DNA is activated by way of our increasing SOLar (SOULar) activity and COSMIC RAYS, they will start to “treat” these experiences differently, which is what will bring EASE TO ALL as they clear the discomfort/pain of suppression, unconsciousness and separation programming held in every cell of the body.

These bodies were not built/constructed for multi-dimensionality. They have to go through an immense (and often intense) process of DNA re-coding & re-writes for this to occur. Because the explanations are not linear and don’t conform to human beliefs, until one/each is ready to actually listen/hear/utilize the Light Encoded KeyCode Information that will EASE these processes, then intensity is the path chosen to experience much of this.

My own years of being deeply asleep, deeply unconscious and heavy duty veils/programming were an intense waking up process, which is how I came to understand how all worked and gained access to the information to bring through this existence to share, assist and re-educate others who will/are/do experience this “when it’s their time” too. I chose the BEYOND INTENSE and EXTREME and HARSH, because I was so deeply beneath the veils of amnesia myself. The transition/clearing process was beyond intense, painful and excruciating at times, because that is the path/journey that I chose on a SOUL Level here. The purification process opens up access to the Quantum Information of what humanity now goes through, many collectives go through, as they exit their own matrix programs as well.

The NERVOUS SYSTEM = each’s networking system and as all come online with higher consciousness, this is completely re-worked. The human nervous system will get overwhelmed (necessary) to short-circuit each’s bio-electrical system so that the LightBody can create new pathways “around” the linear “obstacle” in the body and break it down. The more one fights/resists, the more intense all of this is. Full body surrender to allow the body to shift into the necessary re-coding process is important. Sleep and rest (an insurmountable amount at times), allow the body to re-work, clear, re-code and build all new Systems and Processes that REPLACE the old ones.

The human body, when slammed with Cosmic Upgrades, can experience nausea/vomiting, shorting-out, breathing issues, as well as many other heart/brain/system focused things. This is because all of the suppression has to clear, all of the “lower vibrational” emotions/beliefs/programs held have to “leave the body”, however most appropriate for the body to RAISE IT’S VIBRATION into a higher dimension so that it can function.

The VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OF OUR EARTH and ATMOSPHERES continue to increase daily, pushing the human aspect/body “beyond” it’s current limits. The higher we go, the faster “time” collapses for the human that operates with a linear body/processes. The higher one’s OVERALL FREQUENCY, the slower time goes, the more this clears each’s body template as the body clears “separation” within itself. Every organ, the blood, the bones… every SYSTEM of the body is a part of this, in ways that don’t make linear sense, because this is a QUANTUM EXISTENCE now.

Every time one’s body “overloads” or shorts out, the cellular structure goes into breaking down those old linear codes and replacing them with Quantum Geometric Equational ones. The body is intelligent and knows what to DO. These Cosmic Codes are each’s higher intelligence “telling” each’s cells what to do. Human aspects do not understand this, so they constantly try to override/inner-fear/fix to what “they think” is “right”… which is usually the opposite of what is.

Linear functioning is replaced with non-linear functioning (Quantum/Vibrational) functioning, which takes “time” for each to adapt and learn all new ways of HOW to do every part of this and function in a physical reality in all new ways too. This is not an overnight process or one that takes a few days or hours… this takes our entire existence and every moment dedicated to HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS EMBODIMENT for this process to be “easy”, yet not in the ways one would think.

Each’s body is a StarGate, their organs/blood and body part a part of an intricate STARGATE SYSTEM that is cosmically aligned on a continual basis with each’s FIELD. This intricate system “dials” codes and re-codes constantly as each CELL becomes Quantum Photonic Light that emits plasma energy (and more too). This evolution on a cellular level from carbon-based cells to atomic cells is an immense process within itself. It takes each’s higher mind consciousness to SEE and understand and to assist this process that accelerates at THE SPEED OF LIGHT for all now.

So many are still avoiding, because “that” is uncomfortable or costs money, or takes more effort or inner-fears with their “current beliefs” or schedules. I hear “that tastes bad” or “I don’t have time” or “something else is important” or “so and so told me “this” or … it’s doesn’t matter, those are the old ways that create INCONVENIENCES of your body shutting down or losing your job or not being able to pay the bills or your body screaming to love & support it or your relationships falling apart or your whole reality collapsing/imploding on you… because you are not ready to listen or do what SUPPORTS your highest consciousness existence, because your unconscious one still gets in the way.

We entered the VIBRATIONS OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS being in “your face” a few years ago, because staying unconscious is not an option anymore. You can “try” and keep doing that, over and over again, yet you will come to a point that it won’t work anymore. We all do. This is the moment that everything changes and we open up to OUR NEW.

I love you…. so I say these things to those who “have not been quite ready” and keep bringing unconscious mentalities into their worlds. We don’t have to live that way, it’s a choice that DETERMINES HOW we do this experience… each their own way…. as there are ALTERNATE REALITIES always available as each is ready to shift FULLY (with your whole body/being) into them.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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