Aramda: We Stand Ready

et disclosure 2Yes, and I AM Aramda. I greet you now. I greet you in love, I greet you in peace. I greet you in understanding of all that you are all that you are going to become. Because we have been together before, you and I.

Many of you do not know me by this name, but you know me by my vibration as I know you by your vibration. We can sense each other. Even as I speak now through this one James, my dear brother, just as I speak through him now I speak to all of you. I reach out to all of you that soon, very soon, many of you will be on various ships that are out here, that we have waiting. You will come in your dream state. You will come in your meditation state. And yes even some of you will find yourselves in your physical bodies here on our ships when those moments come. That time has not yet arrived. For you, yourselves in your physical forms cannot withstand the energies upon our ships at this point. But you are being prepared for that particular possibility and probability when you will be able to do so.

Some of you will choose to do so, to come aboard the ships. Others of you will decide not to; will decide to continue on with this evolution. Some of you will come upon the ships and then go back and continue on with evolution. And others of you will decide to leave entirely. When those moments arise … or arrive rather you will have made the conscious decision to do so. But until that time we stand ready. We stand ready to support you in every way that we can and every way that is necessary to continue to bring you through this process.

And always know that this process you are going through many have gone through it before. Not fully as an entire planet as you are doing. This is new. This is something that has never happened before. You are in the midst of a great awakening, a great happening across your entire planet where so many are awakening to who they are. As you look about yourselves you may not see this awakening yet. But as we have told you many times we can see by your vibration, by the flame that burns within each of you, we can see the awakening process happen. Every moment, every day, where more and more are coming forward and remembering who they are or remembering that there is a flame that is burning within them. And they are now fanning that flame. That is where you find yourself now. Fanning the flame of remembrance, fanning the flame of the ascension.

I, Aramda, aboard my ship the Amalia, as well as Ashtar and Sananda aboard the New Jerusalem, and all the other ships and all the others, our brothers and sisters of the skies, we await those moments when we can once again be with you just as old. For I was with many of you previously. And I boarded the ships and left all/many of you here on the planet to continue this evolution. But you knew, just as I knew, that one day we would be drawn back together again. That day has nearly arrived.

I AM Aramda. I leave you now with all of my peace and love that you continue to shine in this expression of light that has come upon this planet.



» Source 1 2 » Channel: James McConnell