Yeshua: Springtime

EmmanuelBeloved one, we are going to speak of springtime. In truth, you are looking forward to spring, but the springtime that we are going to talk about now is the springtime of your life. Truly you are living the springtime of your life, no matter how many years you have garnered to yourself. You are going to say, “Well, Jeshua, I have X number of years behind me. How can I be in the springtime of my life?”

It has to do with attitude. It has to do with the excitement of finding new perceptions. As you will be reading, as you will be discussing with brothers and sisters, as you will be watching on your big screen, you are going to be taking in new ideas and asking of yourself, “What does this mean? Does this really speak to me? Is there a resonance, or is it just something that confuses me?”

So, as you have seen, the seeds that you have been planting earlier in this lifetime are coming up. They are coming up through the soil of the darkness that for a while you lived in because you were focusing very much on the world and what needed to be at various stages in life. But now you have come to where the seedlings have come up through the crust, and they are growing in the Light of your consciousness. They are opening and growing as you will focus upon them and ask, “What does this truly mean? What does this little seed have to share with me?” And as you will sit with a physical seed and ask of it, it will allow you to see all of life in that seed and the seedling as it comes up.

You are the ones who are interested in knowing more. Some of the brothers and sisters have enough to take the mind and keep up with what they feel the activities of the world have to be, but you are one who has said, “Well, I will watch the drama of the world and I will see how it works out and what there is of humor in all of it, taking everything lightly, and then I will look to see the deeper meaning.” And truly, what you are looking for is love, to see how love flourishes and will nurture the little seedling.

You live in love every moment as you choose to consciously ask, “How can I see this differently? How can I see this in love? What is it truly showing me, this little seedling that seems so delicate, as it is a new thought, and yet it is very strong.” As you will nurture it, it will open itself to you and reveal more of life; not the world life, but the life that is truly of consciousness. And it will show you the resilience of love.

You have been nurturing new ideas. You have been playing with them. You enjoy reading the different texts to see what is in there to share with you and where the train of thought will take you. You jump aboard the train and go with it for a while to see what are at the various stations where it may pull in for a while. You ask, “What do you have to show me?”

As you sit with an idea, as you sit with the little seedling, it will flower, and you get to then smell the perfume, the consciousness of life, to take it to a place where you feel at One with all of the life of that flower. You come alive, as I have seen you do when there has been a new idea, and you have been playing with it and wondering, “Is this really true? Does this really resonate with me? What is it leading me to? What conclusion can I draw from it?”

And all of a sudden, quite literally, I see the Light come on. There is a moment when the Light dawns, and you say, “Oh, that is what is happening with this. I’ve been wondering about this for two decades or three or perhaps even longer. I have heard this said, but I have wondered about the meaning of a certain statement.”

You have heard in the generational teaching what has been that interpretation, but you have said, “That does not really satisfy. There has to be something more than that.” All of the teachings, whatever has been in the religious/philosophical train of thought that you have come up with in this lifetime, have more gifts to give to you. So you sit with them, and you take your text, perhaps, and you are reading a passage that you have read maybe fifty times or more, and you think, “Oh, is that what that means?”

Because the Light has come on. Perhaps someone has said something that is as a clue. Perhaps there is something out of the past that you have read or has been told you that now makes sense and sheds some light on things. You have tucked away in the back reaches of the mind, of the consciousness, some of the clues that will come forth in their time, just as the seedling comes forth. It gives you then something more to contemplate, to think about, and you get excited. I see you when you have time to do this. I see you get excited about something that perhaps a moment before really did not turn you on. All of a sudden the light goes on, and it is like, “Oh, I’d never thought about it that way.”

So allow yourself to read, to study, to listen to the various CDs that you have. That is where your joy comes from. That is the springtime of your life, whenever you are willing to look at new things and look in a new way at maybe old ideas, old texts even that have come your way, and someone says, “Well, have you read such and such?” And you say, “Oh, yes, I’ve read that maybe two or three years ago, maybe even fifteen or fifty years ago. Yes, I know that one.”

Okay, take it and read it again for the first time; in other words, yes, you may have read it twenty years ago, but read it now again for the first time because you are in a different place. All of the teachings that you read two thousand years ago when you studied with me, all of the ancient manuscripts, ancient even in those days, where we read of the wisdom of ones who had come before us and had recorded the ideas, all of those ideas grow, develop into the seedling, into the branches of the seedling, into the flowers, into the place where that seedling becomes the bush, and then the bush becomes the tree. In other words, there is always more to be gleaned.

One of the things I would suggest that you give yourself is time to sit and breathe; five minutes. Remember how good it feels and how the body thanks you for the breath. Ones have asked me, “Please set out a procedure that I can follow for the breathing.” And I have said, “Breathing in and breathing out, breathing in and breathing out.” If you are breathing, you are doing it right. If you are not breathing, you may ask for another lifetime to do it over.

In other words, it does not have to be complicated. I was asked many times two thousand years ago and since that time. “Yeshu’a, what posture should I take to pray? Should I be on the knees? Should I be standing, facing a certain direction? What do I do with my arms? Should I hold them out like a cross, or should I bring them in in a prayerful position in front of the heart? Should I stand on one foot and put the other foot behind me, or should I stand on the other foot and put that one behind me?”

And I have said to them, “It matters not. In truth, what matters is where the heart is.”

In this time when you are growing the most wondrous consciousness, allowing the consciousness to expand to take in truth and love, this is your springtime, and it will expand and extend as long as you want it to; in other words, ones have said, “Well, Jeshua, I have lived almost ninety years, and how can you speak to me of springtime? I’m no spring chicken.” But in the heart—the heart is love—you are always young. You are always at the place of entertaining spring.

You look for spring in the outer, and you rejoice when spring comes. The little plants, right now in your timing, are coming up through the soil with promise, promise of beauty, the promise of new life coming forth to please you. You are creating them. You are asking for them to come; otherwise, they would not be in your reality. So they are coming up to please you. The tiny little shoots are coming up, and they have such promise in them; the same with the springtime of your ideas. They have much to share with you. They come and knock upon the door of your mind and say, “Open to me. I will open to you. I will share my perfume of the new ideas with you.” Then you abide in the place of spring, and that can be forever.

Allow yourself to know spring. If you choose to be weighed down by the world, it is a choice. Many of the brothers and sisters that I see in this day and time are weighed down. They even walk a certain way, and you can see that they carry a burden on their shoulders, on their back. Speak to them of the deep breath. Speak to them of the newness of spring. And when they look at you like you are crazy, you say, “Yes, I am. I have drunk of the elixir of spring, and it is good.”

You are new every day, every moment. This is the springtime that you carry with you every day, every moment. Rejoice.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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