Heavenletters: Our One Love

heavenlettersGod said:

Let sweetness be yours.

Sourness and bitterness do not belong in My child.

You are made from Me, the Father, and only love belongs to you. Anything else is distortion.

Anything else is imagined danger seen from an innocent shadow.

There is only innocence.

When you are innocent, you will know only sweetness, because sweetness is the truth of life.

Do not embalm your life in acidic thoughts.

Whatever danger you have seen is not true.

You misunderstood something. You misinterpreted.

See beyond your little disappointments.

You have looked for things in life to prove that you are worthy when your worthiness needs no proof. So when you look for something on the outside to establish your worthiness, you will come out empty-handed. You will have proved to yourself that you are unworthy, and that particular repetition is a familiar cycle you engage in.

Nothing has to be what you think it has to be. Or what dismality you think it is when it doesn’t match your preconditioned idea.

Be not ahead or behind your life. Let be what is, and be right now with Me.

The outside is not your life.

I am your life.

You have come here to meet with Me.

You are here for Me.

You are My companion.

Do not be caught in illusion of love.

Be caught in love, for love is the flow of you.

That is not a mandate. That is not a law. That is the truth of what is: You are the flow of My love. Is there something else you need to be? What false starts must you give yourself?

My love is yours, and it is for you.

Avail yourself of it.

Do not accept cheap imitations that fall apart.

Although all are Me, no one else can be Me to you.

That is the idolatry you have practiced.

Give Me your love, and let yourself be adorned with it. Don’t give so much to others who cannot love as I do.

The world is an errant lover.

Now, let’s get to Our love, this gazing and acceptance of what is in each other’s eyes. Our eyes match. They meet, Our eyes, and they bless what they meet. Your eyes bless Me, and Mine bless you. What is Our eyesight but the touch of love?

Do not let your eyes wander from Me. They belong on Me. And I will take you places. Have trust in Me that I know you, and that I know what I am doing. All the trust you put in human frailty you fear to put in Me Who is pure love of you. I am the Only One Who is. I am the Only One capable. I am the only One Who wants all of your love and knows what to do with it.

Love from others is easy for you to accept, even when it is illusion. And love from Me, which is Truth — is it so hard to accept? Is it so hard to accept more rather than less?

Accept My love, for it is offered you. Accept My blessings, for they are yours. Let Our love wash over Us, and there will be no boundaries. Our love will spill onto everything until the wayward world is bathed in Our love, and all will know that love meets love, and My love flourishes in the kingdom of man.

My eyes are on you right now. I cannot remove them. The love from My eyes follows you. I keep you in My sight. Have a little awareness of that, and you will have awareness of Me. Awareness of Me and My role in your life will take you out of the hold of attachment into the freedom of vast horizons where your truth abides.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff