The Collective: Observing

thecollectiveThe latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Earth’s and Humanity’s Healers!

We are pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you today.

We see many powerful shifts occurring now, some of them having to do with your dealing with the trauma of other Earth lives you have lived, and some of them having to do with your dealing with the trauma of your current Earth life.

You are also constantly undergoing transformative change on a cellular level, as your cells learn to hold increasing levels of higher Light and crystalline consciousness.

This affects your energies physically, emotionally, mentally, etherically—on all levels, and in all ways.

All of this is part of the process you are now experiencing, in which you transform from that of a being who is apparently “stuck” in a single time-space experience, to that of someone who realizes they can never be stuck in any one time-space, nor defined by their experiences there.

In coming out of that helpless feeling of “stuckness,” you are suddenly aware of many things.

The presence of both higher and lower dimensional beings, for one, and your own multidimensionality for another.

You are also increasingly aware of how powerful you are, in terms of your ability to transmute energy, to shift your perception of experiences from anywhere on your timeline, and to revise the meaning and content of experiences, even as they occur.

Standing in the line at a grocery store, for example, you may hear someone speaking rudely and impatiently to a store clerk, and want to leap to the innocent clerk’s defense, perhaps with a glare of judgment or warning at the person who is being abusive.

Or you may feel inwardly as shocked and defenseless as the person being treated badly, aware of your inability to protect them in life overall, even if you were able to stop the abuse they are facing in that moment.

As an empath, you have had a lifetime (many, in fact) of feeling your own and others’ helplessness or rage in the face of unjust and unequal systems, cruel or unfeeling people, abusive family members, and other situations in which you felt you or others had little or no voice, or no way to ensure that a painful situation would not reoccur.

Yet now, increasingly, when these moments occur, you are coming into a state of being in which you do not react, whether inwardly or outwardly.

You are increasingly understanding that more conflict, more anger, will not resolve what is happening, either temporarily or permanently.

There is of course the natural desire to stand up for oneself or another who is being treated badly, and perhaps it has taken some time for you to have developed the voice, presence, and inner sense of self needed to speak up when needed.

We would say, that is fine—yet most efficacious when done from a place of calm, and a desire to help not only the apparent victim, but the unseen victim.

The unseen victim would be the child self of the person who is behaving badly.

For we more than guarantee you that at some point, probably when small, that person was forced to give up a tendency to kindness, warmth, and caring, perhaps under threat of punishment, or due to their own sheer need for survival under ongoing abuse.

Many also suffer biochemical, emotional, or neurological imbalances that render them unable to even see the effects of their behavior on others.

When you speak to someone who is in trouble from a place of centered calm, most assuredly you can still speak in ways that remind them to respect the boundaries and humanity of others—much as you would deal calmly with an out-of-control three-year-old child.

You are simply doing so in ways that quietly reflect back to that person the inappropriate and unnecessary sharpness or violence of their behavior, without that energy being amplified by your angry resistance to it.

Know that when you speak harshly or with anger to someone, you are only reminding them of that system which they came from.

This reinforces their belief that they need to see the world as an angry, contentious, unsafe environment in which they must fight to stay alive, to retain any sense of self whatever.

You have also experienced the world this way, dear ones—except that you went in the other direction.

You decided when quite young that you would heal those around you—those who knew so little of their own Divinity that they had to punish any vulnerable person around them for the lack of Love and reassurance they themselves suffered under each day.

Completely unconscious of that fact that they are only passing on their abusers’ tendencies, these lost spirits fight through each day of their lives, warning others how dangerous it all is, and despising your and others’ vulnerability, telepathy, and heart-based kindness.

They despise these beautiful qualities, because they remind these folk of how vulnerable they themselves are, which quietly on a deep level informs them of how much they have shut out their own higher selves in their race toward invulnerability.

One of the great shifts you are experiencing at this time is the lack of concern for your vulnerability, and we say this realizing that many of you are experiencing the feeling of being vulnerable on a whole new level.

We say this, because parallel to your realization of your humanity with all its third dimensional constraints, is a growing realization of your soul’s presence in your body, of your life purpose as a Light Being who is anchoring higher Light for Earth’s and humanity’s Ascension, and of the sheer beauty of life as it shifts into the fifth dimension.

We are aware that much appears to be in chaos at this time.

And yet, we see you not so much in chaos as in transformation, though it may feel some days that you are a pair of socks tumbling along inside the clothes dryer.

Most assuredly, life feels to be quite rocky some days.

And so, we would say, can you give up the fight, dear ones?

Can you release your body, mind, and emotions from the expectation that they remain as you have always seen them—in an eons-old fight for space and respect on this planet?

Can you release all resistance to the powerful transformative, transmuting awakening and new Becoming that you are experiencing now, whatever your reaction to it?

Of course you can!

You are able to release resistance not only to your own transformation, but to everyone else’s path, regardless of how they seem to behave.

You have seen many who smiled and were eternally polite and well-behaved, whose presence nevertheless set your teeth on edge as you intuitively “saw” who stood behind them at all times, directing their intentions, words, and actions.

As a child, you knew who to trust and who not to trust, until a strict form of mass mind-control (whether education, religion, media, or parenting) took you out of your heart-mind and placed you firmly in a left-brain, quantitative existence that drove a wedge between you and your true self, and true power.

Understand that whatever matrix or system of control you have lived under for eons is now dissolving faster than you could possibly calculate.

And so we ask that you now put down the boxing gloves, if you have been wearing them on any level.

That you express the sort of kindness, patience, and Love toward yourself that you everywhere ask that others show you and everyone they meet.

This will not last forever, this uncomfortable time of Becoming, and you are moving so quickly into the Light, in such empowering and transfiguring ways, it is a miracle even for us to behold.

Namaste, empowered Beings of Light!

You are never alone.



» Source » Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan