Energy Update: Sun and Solar Light Upgrades

light shines unveilingAre you making the most of the highly unique opportunity to REFUEL, RE-BOOT and UPGRADEwith Solar Light de Luxe energies as they become more and more intense over the final weeks in March?? If not, start ASAP!

The combination of the recent and continuous HUGE and highly potent solar flares, the overall influx of universal high frequency (aka “ascension”) energies and an upcoming UNIQUE EVENT during the final week of March are sure to Rock da House Big Time!!!

So here’s what’s up next:

Something absolutely unique, and previously unheard of, namely a Transmutational Sun-Solar frequency SHIFT and Major Upgrade is due during the last week of March – the coming week.

The sun is quite literally up for its greatest shift and upgrade yet, as far as I understand in the history of mankind, and it’ll even change its position as this happens, if only for a milli-micro second. This motion – in the actual physical – will be too brief and too subtle for the human radar and technology to detect, no doubt, but never the less, the event is one that WILL have a MONUMENTAL impact both instantaneously and over time.

Those now alive on Earth will live through a historic “Before and After” event , mark my words – there is the sun as we know it in this Now, and then there’ll be the “new” sun – the post upgrade/shift sun. No, we won’t be able to detect the difference with our physical eyes, but those accustomed to energy work will most definitely KNOW it, and I dare say that all living beings will be feeling/sensing it, one way or another.

I have a strong feeling that we need to be aware and prepared in order to make the most of this unique event. As always: awareness, focus, intention, will(ingness)  and action are the key words.

Starting NOW, spend time ‘DRINKING & BREATHING’ IN the sun- and the solar light (the solar light being the sun’s ENERGY VIBRATION, the frequency it holds and sends out, while the sunlight is the physical phenomenon; the light rays), consciously and focused, throughout the final days of March, and I PROMISE you that you’ll clear, reboot and upgrade on a previously unseen scale and level!

Bask and soak, dear ones, until your entire BE-ing vibrates! Breathe it into your physical body, breathe it into your energy system, breathe into, through and in-between all the layers of your energy body, into each and every chakra, down to cellular, molecular and DNA level, and, finally, let the sun light invigorate your skin, your face, and your eyes, as well.


the light is SO intense already: as we all know it’s undergone quite drastic change over the years, that part isn’t new, and it is already more “potent”, so to speak, than ever before – however, the frequencies emitted by the sun will soar SO HIGH in the near future, that an energy OD is the last thing you’d want –  it will do you more harm than good! Be sensible, listen to your body and your higher guidance and step away from direct sunlight when your system has had enough. I dare say that on some days a mere 5 minutes with focused solar energy work in direct sun light will be more than enough.

You WILL most likely experience side effects, such as possible nausea, those all-to-well-known jumps between extreme fatigue and serious energy highs, possibly physical reactions as well, such as heart palpitation, extreme hot and cold sensations, aches and pains (including headache).

Rest as prompted, sleep for as long as the body demands and your life allows, take time out regularly to Just BE (thus allowing the system to “land and integrate” the incoming energies), and DRINK, DRINK AND DRINK – LOTS – OF WATER!!! Fresh, not carbonised, clean water.  Flush that system and help it renew itself! Water also helps the body with the energy integrating process.

As always; make the most of it – and Do Take Care.

With love, Johanna.



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