Archangel Michael: Embrace the New You

archangel michael eraoflightDear Ones,

As we observe you, and your spinning globe, we are in awe of all that is transpiring.

You are embracing the new of your planet, and leaving behind all that no longer serves you, and indeed has not, for a very long time. However, your consciousness has risen exponentially, and now you “see” with new eyes, and “hear” with newly awakened senses.

Enslaved no more, the shackles fall free, and we celebrate you and all of your recent achievements.

Just the beginning for you beautiful Souls who chose this re-unification process. Much is unfolding on your Earth and you are the ones witnessing the new history of your Planet arising.

It is with great relish we stand beside you – giving you all the assistance, Love and support we can, BUT Dear Ones, for this transition to unfold, YOU had to be “em-bodied.” Therefore you can take full credit for your achievements.

As your consciousness returns fully, so much more will change. You are not who you were even a few short months ago, can you not feel that?

As you look back into your recent past, there are things that you notice you will not tolerate now, that you once did.

Incredible growth in your awareness and tolerance is changing how you now operate on a daily basis.

The young ones, whose DNA is now opening up their Consciousness more fully, are making their position clear. It is time for them also to fully awaken to their mission. These leaders of the future, have no tolerance for the lack of integrity, lies and manipulation that has plagued the old earth.

It will be these millennials who lead the way from now on. The old guard has had its day.

Watch how quickly all those last remnants that have been hidden are now “forced” into the Light, faster than ever before.

The recent increase in LIGHT CODES, AND SOLAR WINDS continue to transform your Planet on a daily basis.

Dear Hearts, the abundance and bounty that is rightfully yours, you will now claim and it will be shared with wisdom and discretion and not hidden, and hoarded as in the past.

You are the rightful recipients of the New Earth and you will open to receive all that is divinely yours, as will each Be-ing who choses to live in the Love and the Light of Creation once more.

As co-creators of Creation – this and so much more awaits all Be-ings.

Truly a time of Celebration.

And so it is.





» Source » Channel: Leslie Anne Menzies