The Galactic Federation: Vortex of Light, Revaluation

gfoleraoflightDivine Beings Of Love,

Tapping into the stream of love present, is tapping into the stream of self. The energetic vibration that runs through all living things on earth and beyond. Animals vibrate it. Trees carry its light within. Even rocks, Crystals and clouds hold love energetic streams within their forms.

This portal like current of energies, is very powerful and when aligning with it…it aids in sifting one into a grand light of wisdom, peace and joy…. void of fear doubt and separation.

Remember it is your birthright and presently available to all who decide to align with these love and light energies.

These energies are now being activated inside the body with every breath even if you are unaware of it. They are present from the universe and are a gift. The love is now opening hearts slowly so many can awaken to feel blissful during times of change.

This vortex of light is opening hearts so one can when grounding and in meditation feel its expansion. Worry not if you feel a presser within. It is only the energies aligning with your form. Worry not if you find yourself extra sensitive at night and awaken during sleep time as it takes time to integrate this light as your body shifts from a carbon to crystalline base. Also know these symptoms are both ones of the ascension process where by you are moving into the five d reality.

Vibrations are anchoring, as the infused lighted energies go deep inside the matrex of the group consciousness and to the souls that have re-incarnated.

Much purging of the old to make room for the new is taking place. The old mindsets and societies rules are changing as old ways disintegrate and way-showers, light workers, healers, teachers, channelers, and others who have been on a spiritual awaken path begin to take center stage during the shift.

If one comes into your life, know it is a sign for you to ask for assistance. They are here to serve and aid your awakening,

The best gift you can give to the world is to work on self. To purge the old and make room for new beginnings inside love.

All these changes are not only being worked on from those living in earths realm but with many beings of light off planet like ourselves.

Those who have governed and controlled are on notice and are carefully being watched and taking their leave so the transformation to a planet of love active beings is fully instrumented.

New laws that govern have been altered and will be revealed inside of divine timing. The Revalue of all money systems to align for mankind’s betterment is now in process and will flow inside divine timing as well.

The best thing one can do is to carry excitement and trust as spirit aids in its orchestration.

News outlets and corporate controls are also being severed at the core so without knowing details of such events just know it is also in process should allow for peace of mind. The play is unfolding perfectly and all will reap the benefits soon.

Doubt and fear benefits no one but those who have had control for far too long. If it comes up it is something to integrate into the heart with love.

Anything that comes up that doesn’t serve love and compassion at this time is to integrated.

Our best suggestion to you is to take a shower of self love every morning to align yourself to move with harmony.

By staying out of the grips of hate and fear is to force those elite in control to loose their power even more quickly.

Inside the breath one can access the love vortex. Inside an intended focused moment, one can feel empowerment to align with the energies as they enter ones consciousness, heart and cells.

It is liberating to feel this stream, as it pulsates inward and illuminates outward. Believe and trust it is hear and here to stay.

Tapping into the stream of love gives grand sensations because it is activating the love built into every being.

You are a gift and do remember that as you move in the new times. You are an avatar destined to experience your dreams. You are meant to merge with your higher selves and the universe for unlimited wisdom. Attune with the new energies and ride the carpet of miracles for they are here as a gift from the Divine to the Divine… that is you.

In closing we want you to know we hold you in a loving embrace as this great change takes place and as you recall just how sacred and special you are.

» » Channel: Star Blossom Goddess