Guest Posting, Channelings and More

Greetings All! It is I KejRaj here!

First, let I ask how are YOU FEELING today? How are you coping with the new, very powerful energies infusing our world, our bodies in this moment? Share your thoughts in the forum section.

Secondly; I will gladly share your articles on the page. If you channel, or write about anything related to spirituality, ascension, news and so on, please email it to and I will certainly post it on the page.

Thirdly; it has been suggested(again) by some readers that I add a membership feature to our page, where readers would be required a fee for access. And again I say this will NOT be done, this decision will never change. There are those who can afford, there are many who cannot. I will not deny anyone the JOY of reading all that we share, the help and guidance they receive from what we share.

Thank you to everyone for your support and lightloving energies!

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!