Sai Baba: The Sword of Truth

sai baba eraoflightdotcomLife conquers death, love triumphs over fear, and light settles in human hearts.



Continue your path into the light unflinchingly. Step by step. Don’t rush anything and don’t procrastinate.

The days of bondage are numbered, and the liberation of mankind is in progress.

Everything complies with the divine plan, and human beings get Mother Earth back. This is achieved through the many small steps that some individuals take and all people complete. They are small steps that lead in the right direction even when the entire world still seems to be moving in the wrong direction.

It is necessary now to swim against the tide and question everything that is willingly accepted by the collective.

You recognize a person who is awakening by their readiness to question given situations and to look behind the scenes. Someone who is awakening will never join the choir of the masses and will always follow their own path – even if this path is steep, uneven and rocky, and even if their entire environment, family and friends turn against them, this person will remain steadfast and continue to pursue their own path.

“I have come to bring the sword“, so the bible says – and so our beloved brother Jesus said when he announced what is essential at all times – and especially now. Humanity is splitting in two: those who become aware and those who stay blind to the light and deaf to God’s call – and this “split” happens throughout families and circles of friends, so that it is no longer possible to conceal existing differences.

Truth and truthfulness are reaching all levels and all relations. The time for this has come. This brings about that all your relationships are sorted out at high speed now.

“No stone will remain unturned”, it says in another passage of the “book of books”, and I am telling you: This time is now, and this fact takes effect in all areas of human life.

So welcome this time, for it creates clarity, brings truth and paves the way for the light. Your hearts are purified and your souls become receptive again to the divine – and so everything serves the big purgation.

*Some will resurrect and be reborn, and the rest will fall back into deep sleep.
*Some will leave the wheel of karma, and the rest will add another cycle of fate to their lives.
*Some will look and see God, while the rest will stumble godlessly through the labyrinth of time.

The next crossroads in the process of ascension has been reached, and further provisions, collectively as well as individually, are made.

The sword of truth resolves what needs to be resolved, and that way human relationships are changing. What seemed to be binding many lives together is now dissolved – what remains is your true essence – and this becomes apparent in anyone who is longing for God and the light.

Nothing can stay hidden anymore! The light creates new actualities and causes human beings to either turn away from God or return into Oneness.

Proceed courageously. Be fearless and ready to welcome any changes in your life.

He who is without God is alone.
He who is without God is lonely.
Open your heart and invite God in.
Open your soul and allow to get touched by the light.

Receive eternal life and receive it from the hands of God – who I am SAI BABA


» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl