Heavenletter: You Are the Listener

heavenlettersGod Said:

Beloved, there is something special and essential in Our One-on-One conversations, whether you hear Me firsthand in your own Godwriting or as a posted Heavenletter shared around the world over the years again and again. Regardless, We spend time together. We are in each other’s Presence.

In the process of Godwriting, you, the Listener, forget about being on your toes. You are not trying to create a magic act – not at all. Rather, in Godwriting, you sit back. You listen. You are eager to hear Me speak. You want to do your best for Me, yet you aren’t trying to be a great Godwriter. You are low-key about it. You let God be Easy does it. You are embraced in My words before you know it.

You naturally take a back seat. You are present with Me in order to hear what I sweep you up in. You can tune in. .

In terms of Godwriting, We sit down together so I can whisper My Thoughts to you, and you can hear Me. I am the Godwriter. You are the God Listener. You pick up My thoughts. You are here to hear something new and/or in a new way. What an opportunity.

We can meet together any hour of the day or night. We can renew Our heart connection. Your listening is a great gift. We sit down together for Our listening pleasure. We are One.

In Oneness, we meet together casually. Oneness is an experience that you want. see. You lightly look for it. You look for it as if in passing, yet it is your ultimate experience.

At the same time, Godwriting is a little bit like the arrival of Spring. “Suddenly, Spring is here.”

Suddenly, Godwriting is here.

There cannot be too much of Oneness. Oneness is not satiated. There is always desire for more. Godwriting catches on to insurmountable joy in life. This is in consideration of beauty. Oneness finds you. A carriage stops for you and delivers you to My front porch where together We rock together on a sunny day on My porch in My divine neighborhood! This is much the same way you always have joy in going to the beach in summer.

Godwriting requires nothing more than Our sitting together. The joy is in Our rocking together. Of course, Godwriting is not a performance. Godwriting happens as of itself.

We go ahead and share this ambrosia of beauty. We are speaking of the waters of life We share for the good of all. This is humility. Ego takes a back seat.

There will be no sequestering. We share God’s Glory.

Beloved, you pick up the beat of of My heart, and something happens as if on its own. You discover Godwriting, or Godwriting discovers you. Godwriting is always available. You are invited to welcome God’s writing within you. You don’t mandate Godwriting. You certainly don’t make it happen. It happens. You partake.

There is something about Godwriting that is compelling. It is innocent, yet it is compelling. You are captured, as it were. You are pulled out from hiding. Does Godwriting find you, or do you find it — My Words, that is, or do you find them?

There seems to be something about Godwriting where there is no longer a thin layer of shellac covering you on the outside. It is possible to say that, at the moments of Godwriting at its apex, you are all inner and that the outer you doesn’t exist. Perhaps nothing of the former you as you knew yourself exists. The possibility exists that you are 100% THE God. Is this perhaps dawning on you? You are complete and total. There is no other but the One named God. Are you becoming enlightened? Pinch yourself.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff