Archangel Uriel: Another Mind

aa uriel eraoflightJim: Uriel, let me ask a question please. I have often referred to the phrase ‘Fields of Awareness’ as a pointer to an aspect of consciousness in the higher dimensions. There is a knowing and comprehension there that bypasses the third dimensional rational mind. In this body of information we’re presenting together, would I be correct to assume that there is a template that holds both knowledge and comprehension? And it’s not as much a learning process as it is an absorption process? You experience the knowing and comprehending as you begin to step into this Field of Awareness?

Uriel: Correct. It is a process of receiving and using the formatting then experiencing the energetics and formats that produce an outcome. That outcome then produces the comprehension and the knowing. This is different from the progression that is used by the rational mind.

You are teaching and presenting progressions in consciousness that allow this now to be available. The first is the concept of the Higher Mind. Stepping out of the rational mind into that Higher Mind opens the pathway for the experience and the absorption and integration of the energetic components that are available within certain dimensional realms. As we progressed and talked about the chakra system and the eighth, ninth and tenth chakras, it also opened up an avenue for another ‘Mind’. There is what you call the ‘Universal Mind’ which is a much different configuration of energetic concepts and awarenesses that are available.

At this juncture you and these students have stepped out of a great portion of the rational mind. You have available on a more consistent basis, the Higher Mind. On a less consistent basis you have available the Universal Mind. We are hoping to remedy this as we employ this tenth Ray of Creation. The complexity of the energetics is stepped up as we enter this tenth Ray. We ask your awareness and your consciousness to expand beyond fifth and sixth dimensions into a seventh dimensional configuration. This seventh dimensional configuration holds concepts that are far-removed from your Higher Mind and reside in more of the Universal Mind.

Jim: I understand what you’re saying. This is really exciting.

Uriel: It is important for the students to understand that there are various levels of Mind. It is beyond thought. The importance here is to be very careful about falling back into the rigidity of the rational mind where 1 and 1 equals 2. That rational mind has to have that formatting to understand. We are asking you to step out of that energetic configuration into a more expansive configuration of allowing the energetic formatting to be integrated and experienced within the physical form. Then allow the comprehension and the knowing to enter.

It will take some discipline on the part of all who are immersed in this experiment because there will be a discomfort that arises within the third/fourth dimensional state of consciousness that still requires a formatting that can be seen and held within a geometric comfort zone such as the cube.

Jim: Yes.

Uriel: It is a very stable environment in form where everything is held very neat and tidy. We are asking you to step out of that comfort zone now and to allow more geometries to be constructed that are not what you might consider ‘stable’. This is incorrect. There is a stability. There has to be a stability in order to bring it into form but there is a wide range of flexibility that also goes along with that.

At one juncture in this teaching Metatron asked you to take a step in faith. It was not a step in blind faith. It was a step in faith and being willing to explore unlimited possibility. This is what I am asking of you at this time.

Jim: Yes. So, that ‘stability’ in the tenth Ray, is that a higher perspective of orderliness, rather than the word ‘stability’? It flows. Even though there is fluidity and mobility and flexibility, the consciousness is orderly.

Uriel: Correct. It is not frenetic; it is very orderly; it is very precise and organized. There is an organization and also an allowing of the unlimitedness. There is an available presence of realms of consciousness that hold various concepts. There is no limitation present when using the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays. Those Rays begin to teach you about unlimited potential. But it is when we use the eighth, ninth, and tenth Rays that you begin to comprehend the unlimited potential that has yet to be created and can be created.



» Source » Channel: Jim Self