The One: Approaching The Finish Line

gods lightHello everyone. Please join together today and utilize your incredible individual and collective power. This day has been isolated as one of importance, not by your actions or desire, but by the actions of others, for their own self interests. All days are days of importance and power, make no mistake and do not be fooled. Embrace each of them with consciousness and presence and intent, and watch what transpires. In this conversation that follows, we are reminded that regardless of what it looks like around us, we can create again. That is how it works.

September 7th, 2018 (early morning)

Is it possible for me to connect now with One?

It is I. It is One.

Thank you for coming forward.

I sense, as do many others, something imminent. Please tell me something about our current situation on the planet.

You approach now, and immediately so, an ending. This is not an ending of life, but an ending of the kind of life as it has been practiced on the planet.

Up until these moments, all major directions were ordered and then followed. First, ordered by those controlling things here, those who imagined themselves owning the planet. Second, followed by their minions and (then by) the rest of the population who generally obeyed.

In this arrangement, although not in the best interests of the population or the earth – there was a sense of order.

That order is no longer.

The controllers have “left the building” and (those) who remain are those who may or may not be aware of this.

What happens is now felt by all beings and the planet itself as a wrestle for order and for control. There will be and are, disruptions on all fronts; physical, meaning the earth itself, and also the beings on her.

There is a “finish line” for the journey you are on, yet there is not a clear and singular track to reach it. What is felt as imminent are the frequency shifts of things – systems still in place that have run until now – adjust to the dismantling of any such business as usual.

This can’t help but play out as destruction and death as surely this level of change demands it, requires it.
The old way of order here ends now.

What your friends feel and you sense is this ending as seen in real “time” and with your own eyes.

The news is not that that it’s happening, for you’ve known and felt it doing so for years. The thing to discuss is HOW IT LOOKS TO YOU AS IT HAPPENS.

These are not words to frighten or even alarm you. For surely all of you (who are) aware, conscious and paying attention can see that in order for the massive overhaul of physical control to be accomplished – there must be a massive visible physical overhaul.

It is not that the earth and her people rebel and fight what occurs now with death and destruction as a result. No.

The earth and her people adjust to a new frequency that supports only cooperative and collaborative management of itself.

Things will be shaken off and discarded so that the new has room to enter.

As specifics play out before your eyes, keep conscious always of your unity.

You have all the power here and with intention this can be not only a re-do of a planet but a healing for all concerned.

Healing does not discount or omit a need for an ending or departure.

Healing can be incorporated into your intent for this ending.

Become clear on what it is you expect and desire and intend, and only that.

You are witnessing your own re-birth.

There will be much shouting and gnashing of teeth. Yet once that stops – great joy will ensue.

That is all for now.

Thank you.



» Source » Channel: Sophia Love