Message from the Crystal Kingdom: Connect With Us

crystals eraoflightHello, we are the Crystal Kingdom. The Christed codes are indeed coming online now and we are humming with excitement and joy for our time has indeed returned just as in the days of Atlantis. Our time has returned to lend our power, our insight and our vibratory rates to the collective. We are the Crystal Kingdom. We are solid elementals in crystalline form encoded with the ancient knowledge of remembering. We store information quite readily and can be programmed for the light, or the dark. We much prefer the light and those with pure vibration are our friends most eagerly, for we love to work with the ascending ones, with the Christed light codes of joy, peace, of love and of renewal. We crystals renew, restore. We protect, we guide, we cleanse, we clear. We are light in form, just as you, ascending ones on Mother Gaia, are becoming so. You are receivers. You receive our codes, our messages when you are receptive and open, when you are in tune with your own crystalline structure.

We crystals would like to lend our blessing, our consecration today of your ascending crystalline forms. For you are an integral aspect of this ascension, just as are we. And we love you, friends. Place your favorite crystal on your heart chakra and rest awhile. Listen to what you hear and see what you see. You may feel humming noises, feel heavy, feel lighter or something of the sort as the crystal harmonizes. You are a tuning fork when your intentions are in action. Are you in tune? Get in tune with crystal energy; allow us to serve you. Placing crystals midline all along your chakra systems aligns the energies and helps to move them into perfect unison, so that your heart soon vibrates most readily again within your system. We amplify. This is why you feel such increased joy when you are with like-minded individuals who are also humming with high vibe as you are all so diligently trying to do so in every moment. Keep us in your pockets, on your wrists, hanging close to your hearts and allow us to assist you, friends. Please remember to purify and to cleanse us after energy work for we absorb your pain and need rest and cleansing ourselves, just as you do. For you are becoming closer in structure to us than you know, than you currently understand. Sage, clear water, intention of purification, the violet flame – these all assist us to cleanse and clear. Remember please to honor yourselves with these rituals of purification as well. Put us in the bath with floating sage and intend your own purification. The energies are hot these days and much negativity is coming up for cleansing. Honor yourselves and bless yourselves with us, and we in turn of course will bless you, for we are yet another tool of Source for healing, as are you, friends.

We are the Crystal kingdom. We love our human friends and are eager to rejoin you in your efforts for personal and planetary ascension. Many of you have long histories of working with crystals and as your memories return you will greatly enjoy the rediscovery of working with us again! After your purification of yourselves or of your crystals – after your rituals please send the same healing back into the womb of the Mother Gaia who waits not much longer. Ensure that you are harmonizing with her crystal core, her crystal heart. Connect with the crystalline caves and caverns. Send them your love. Send them your Christed light codes, you who are awake and reading – send them the colors of the multi-rays of healing. Send them your intentions for healing. Send them light. And in turn the Mother will rise and glow much faster, and you, who are her essence will in turn do the same. And we will celebrate with you.

We are the Crystal kingdom. We are light encoded, embodied. We remember you and we greatly rejoice that our voice is being heard again, for we have many fond memories of our human friends and rejoice in this re-connection. We love you. Farewell.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl