Five Things to Know Now About The Equinox

gods lightWith Equinox just around the corner, it’s helpful to understand the key potentials and things to pay attention to, as part of your preparation for this next big energy gateway. Continue reading to discover 5 things you will want to factor into your week.

Equinox as a reminder marks a change in seasons and is often associated with new starts and breakthroughs. The energy of Equinox can be palpable, too, waves of transformation arising and catalyzing mega shifts on both a personal and planetary level.

5 Things to Know Now

FIRST: At our second Equinox of the year, we often reflect about where we are and progress we are making. Given this year’s turbulent energies, it’s even more essential to take these moments to reassess, renew, and reset our energies. Since this Equinox is in Libra – representing a search for balance – we have a significant catalyst for our reflections and assessments. It’s like the universe is supporting our taking a pause and looking at things more deeply before moving on.

SECOND: as we consider where we are and the state of our world this Equinox, it’s essential that we factor in the big picture that includes more than the mundane and often crazy-making squabbles and polarization we witness day-to-day. Yes, that’s going on and it’s troubling to say the least. Remember though that we are quantum beings – a vast amount of change is happening in the background before it becomes readily apparent. Many of the most profound changes in how life is lived have been percolating within peoples’ hearts and minds for a very long time. Those changes have an inner level template already existing!

THIRD, the energies now support mega changes. Trust that. Be heartened by that. Take this knowing within, too, for you as a divine changemakers play a key role. Step into the Equinox window with an open mind and open heart. Be willing to go deeper with yourself, allowing Equinox to illuminate key blocks to address, things you are ready to leave behind, actions you have been avoiding, and what you need to more fully understand at this juncture. Meditate on these things, on your own, and with a group on Equinox. Time and energy well spent.

FOURTH, for three months after Equinox, planetary energies will catalyze opportunities to heal what you discover on a personal level. In other words, Equinox is like a set up helping you to go to a deeper level with your spiritual transformation. You may, for example, become aware of ancestral or past life DNA level patterns that are keeping you stuck. You may all of a sudden one day wake up with an insight that puts a convoluted issue into context – so you can heal it at its root.

FIFTH, your emotions may be more on the surface now and throughout the next three months. Honor them, be with them like you would be with a best friend. Process them, however, before you text or take a significant action. Strive for neutrality, applying an open heart to yourself, others, and life events. Remind yourself daily that you are here for the journey. Happenstance comes and goes. It is the life journey itself that’s important. Treasure the moments, the smiles, the hugs, and the exhilaration of simple things. Treasure the people who stream in and out of your life experience – each one is a jewel.

Equinox Global Meditation – Sept 22
Equinox is just around the corner – join me and The Council of 12 for our Sept 22 Equinox global meditation. This is the next big energy threshold as well as celebrating the change of seasons. Equinox gateways involve huge potentials for positive change. Don’t miss this one.