Yeshua: Don’t Stop Searching

yeshua eraoflightI encourage you to go deeper and deeper into your knowing

Greetings dear hearts! I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, I am your brother and family.

I am here with you today, and every single time you call on me, for I am always with you, and even more so when you are in need of comfort or reassurance, or when you simply want a shoulder to lean on.

But I am also here to celebrate your victories with you, and to smile and laugh in joy with you; to listen to your adventures, to marvel at your discoveries, and to assist you in the unraveling of the maze of your interwoven and somehow complex lessons, and to encourage you to go deeper and deeper into your knowing.

So many times you stop searching before getting the messages and the entire picture of a certain lesson, for you fail to bring it into your heart so that you can get the additional wisdom residing there that is indeed necessary to enable you to arrive at a certain degree and level of understanding.

It is great to hold information in your mind, and then to contemplate the different facets of a situation, but when you go into your sacred sanctuary, that space deep within your heart, then you always have the necessary access to feel into the deepest part of your self, the part that contains the entire and complete answer to your dilemma. When you truly understand and incorporate the wisdom relayed to thee, then blockages are removed quickly, expansion occurs, and your light can radiate and shine brighter and stronger than before.

Yes, your light and radiance expands outwards for everyone to notice. But it shines inwards as well, for now you are able to see even deeper within, to remove the remaining fears or misunderstandings, those false constructs and impressions gathered while experiencing certain aspects of third dimension life. The only reason that you set them up was in order to have certain experience, while not attaching more of the dense and low vibrational energies to them, for they are all only illusions and untruths that need to be let go of and removed from your vast and beautiful fields.

When you fail to do so on your own, then others will come to your aid and trigger you, acting as magnifiers and mirrors, thus doing you a great service, so that you can go through this bag of falsehood and discard it as soon as possible. Your loved ones, your soul families, always want to oblige and assist you, even if this is not always done in the way you might expect, but in that case, it would no longer be exciting and fun, would it?

Understand that when there is anger or resentment arising for clearing, those heavy and dense emotions are to be rapidly neutralized and transmuted, and not compounded or projected onto others, because these are, in fact, expressions of frustration at your own selves’ inability to uncover those truths alone, without the intervention and assistance of close or more distant family or friends.

Get the message and do not punish the messengers, for they are only acting on their part of the agreement they had made with you before descending into this world of seeming separation from the higher selves and Mother/Father/God.

As you know, there is no separation, for the truth of who you are is that you are one with Source, and therefore I am always with you and can assist you with knowing any part and portion of your dear selves, regardless of how far and distant you might believe you are from the unity with All, and with the Mother/Father/God. Your goal is always to integrate the wholeness and the truth of who you are into every seemingly individual space within you and in every moment of your life. You are to demonstrate the love and the truth of your wondrous self in every situation, and in every encounter you have, by letting go of anything that is less than pure light.

I will leave you now with my peace and light! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle