The Intergalactic Councils and Council of Nine: Feel the Balance

ascended masters eraoflightGreetings, humanity. We are the intergalactic council of planetary advancements, extending our hands in greeting to you this day of the fall equinox when balance is but for a moment achieved on your planetary realm. This is the prime moment for you all to practice the inner point, the still point of inner balance, inner peace in this most perfect moment of balance. Even when all seems out of balance it is not necessarily the case, for balance is a state of being, a choice. Just as you can choose to be a harried human you can choose to be a peaceful human for no matter what is swirling on around you you have the choice to choose the inner stillness point.

We come from a place of no time, of stillness, and from this point we are blessed, fortunate to be able to observe keenly and we see you humankind as ascribing these new energies of the fall equinox quite well, and now through this transmission send an added boost of energy ‘juice’ as you may say and encourage you to claim this upgrade, this advancement of integration of the stillness point. For this is something that humanity has forgotten and we are encouraging you to remember for it is an important piece of your advancement along the ladder of the never ending spiral swirl of ascension, of experience and of becoming reunited once again with your higher aspects.

Picture two pyramids balancing on their ascension points. Picture and feel the place between them as they balance their massive forms perfectly on the ascension points of eachother. Such is you, this feeling of balance, of choosing love rather than worry, fear, lack – no that is the old way, the sign of disharmony and unbalance. Feel the balance point of these massive pyramids within your solar plexus; your grounding pyramid solid at your feet and your ascension pyramid floating within you descending from the planes of the higher realms and spaces point down, meeting in the middle. Much tension seems to be within the middle spaces of the humans that we see. This is why many of you over eat or have sexual dysfunction. It is time to breathe in this new point of balance, of harmony and of inner peace. This is what the fall equinox can be about should you choose to accept our words and energy flow at this time.

We are the Council of Nine, of the ascended places. Our forms may not be familiar to your earthly one but our energies are familiar are they not? Perhaps they remind you of home, and perhaps many of you are longing for that place of home again. Dears, that place of home is within you. That is why you are here now. To bring your home, your New Earth experience to precious Gaia, to aid in her healing and simultaneously that will bring about your own. Inner balance must be achieved at this time of planetary ascension. It will assist Gaia with her weather systems, with her balance point, with her pole stabilization and with the incoming wave. Line up the misdirected energies and send them this point of balance encased in the violet fire and crystalline codes of ascension and they will melt away.

It is time to use your collective power of intention, of light force, of grit, of love. It is time to stand strong humans at this time, our precious ground team, the ground team of ground teams. Find your voice. Claim your power. And the peace of this day of inner balance will be with you always should that be your intention. Accept these codes of light, these ascension codes of balance this precious day and become reborn. For as the energies swirl around you, you – you – are the still point – the eye of the storm who sees all, who is the great witness but the great anchor of light into the situation. Anchor your light, your strength deep within and send it into Gaia for her healing. Ground. Breathe. Be the light.

We are are the Council of Nine but there are many, many more councils sending their love light with this transcription at this time as well, for we are many, we are love and light and we eagerly enjoy connecting with our grounded students and sending our blessing during this most auspicious time of the great renewal, rebirth. Telekenisis is coming on line but you must start first with your own inner boulders, your own inner pyramids so that perfect inner balance is achieved and only then will your other powers of balance and movement of objects will be released, revealed and rediscovered. We are the Council of Nine and many others sending love light and strength of balance through this messenger today. We are. You are. We are one. Be at peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl


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  1. LS

    There are goof spiritual people on Earth, many good people. This Earth has been hi-jacked for a long long time, we need help from whomever can do so. The small percent of one group are cruel and control nearly everything. i plead for help if this website is true, there is no way for me to know.