THIS Will Happen If You Get Enough Vitamin D (The Best Sources)

vitamin-d-sunlight1You probably know that exposure to sunlight will give you vitamin D. Unfortunately, most people don’t expose themselves to sunlight or get enough of this vitamin from other sources. According to this study 42 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient. Well, you’re totally missing out if you’re part of that percentage. Here’s what will happen once you start getting enough vitamin D.

Muscle cramps and twitches will disappear

Vitamin D plays a role in muscle functionality and strength. And research shows that being vitamin D deficient may contribute to muscle cramps and twitches. Once you get enough vitamin D your muscle functionality will improve.

You’ll be less likely to fall

This is especially true for older folks. One study found that adults older than 65 years had less falls when they took vitamin D supplements for 5 months than those who didn’t take the supplements. This could have been due to the fact that vitamin D improves muscle functionality.

You won’t gain weight

A study conducted on elderly women found that women who didn’t get enough vitamin D gained extra 2 pounds over a period of 4 years, compared to women who got enough vitamin D, despite maintaining the same eating habits.

Your cholesterol will improve

Cholesterol has been linked to heart disease and stroke, so you have to use all tricks to keep it balanced. This study shows that women who got sufficient vitamin D for 2 years lowered the bad cholesterol. And their good cholesterol improved.

Muscle and joint pain will be fixed

Chronic joint or muscle pain can make you feel tired all the time and keep you in a bad mood. In this study, subjects who took vitamin D supplements reported experiencing less pain after 20 weeks. Their pain didn’t disappear completely, but they were in a better mood.

Better eyesight

It’s natural for our vision to weaken as we grow older but research shows vitamin D can help maintain good vision and reduce risk of eye conditions.

Best vitamin D Sources

Sunlight, fatty fish, raw milk, orange juice, supplements, egg yolks, beef liver, fortified cereal, cod liver oil, tuna, and mushrooms.

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