The Council: What is Life About?

147305119231641.gifWhat’s life all about? It’s very simple. It’s the art of loving, the art of caring, the art of compassion, the art of accepting responsibilities and commitments, and fulfilling them with a dignity, with an honor, so that you are not only showing proper respect to the other individual, to the other soul, but you are showing proper respect to yourself. You are taking on a god quality. When it comes time to leave this life, leave something more behind than a dead body, some clothes, and some money. Leave behind a legacy of love, a legacy of compassion, a legacy of concern, a legacy of respect, a legacy of dependability in fulfilling commitments. Leave a legacy of the kind of god you can be.

When you leave this lifetime, leave a legacy of love. Leave a legacy that says this life, this world, this earth, is just a teeny bit better because I walked through it. It’s not hard. We have one hundred and one opportunities every day to show kindness, to show anything that takes us out of ourselves above our ego, and shows that we have a goodness and a quality inside that can help others and in return those same things will be shown to you in your time of need. Don’t expect them. Don’t ask for them. Don’t sit on your duff waiting for them. They’ll be there. Leave a legacy of your goodness when you leave.

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