Elevator Of Consciousness

deans-blue-hole-ET1Elevator Of Consciousness

I am riding an elevator of consciousness
up out and beyond.
Into dimensions of clear energy, I rise.
breathing to align.
Dancing to expand.
I open heart and eyes
birthing in light codes for clarity.
Rhythms of love pulsate becoming the buttons I push
Vibrations of light spiral becoming the walls illuminated
Each floor of consciousness
gives me a piece to my puzzle
Each floor activates my blueprint
of the divine self.
And as I move with in the portal,
my voice is found.
A voice that echoes
to awake in a portal of the divine God self.

Turning Point

The turning point comes,
within a moment, an hour
when enough is enough
gets whispered in ear of self.
ENOUGH, is Enough of the self judging,
that serves no one but the one that bullies.
Is your ego mind stifling you
from knowing your true potential?
ENOUGH, is enough
of the negative thoughts,
that become a driving force
causing unfavorable things to occur.
Are your thoughts causing your life to be chaotic?
ENOUGH is enough of carrying fear,
which closes the heart and limits ones freedom.
Are you taking deep breaths to ground and feel secure?
ENOUGH is enough of not living your
true essence by connecting to all
in order to feel the love present.
Have you loved yourself today?
Have you loved yourself today?

I, the poet hugs you with her mind.

By Star Blossom