Channeled Poems by Star Blossom


One moment, gracefully moves into another,
like drops of a waterfall,
spiraling to unite.
One footstep, taken leads to another,
drifting in graceful form.
One sacred breath, leads to another,
uniting with life.
To dance, in currents of a beating heart.
To swim, in waves of a conscious mind.
To expand, in the grand pool of existence.
To remember we are one.
We are sacred.

Awake, I am

I am awake now
not just awake to face day
as a robot with veil upon me.
I am awake
to dance in the moment.
to unite
and speak to our allies.
To connect and hear
the invisible world speak inside mind.
I am awake to manifest my dreams.
To become the authentic human
harboring love
To be a light-worker
creating a heaven on earth.


When I was a little girl,
I cried a lot.
Feeling the pains
of being alone, left out, different.
I didn’t know my greatness.
When I was in my teens,
I doubted a lot.
Feeling stupid.
Moving with few friends, as shyness ruled.
I didn’t know my divinity.
When I went to work
I vibrated fears and doubts.
They limited my productivity
thus often unemployed.
I didn’t know I was gifted.
When I reached my late fifties,
I awoke to learn who I was.
Moving into heart with breath,
that guided and showed me well.
I learned I am the spark of God.
and sacred.
I learned to smile.

Channeled Poems by Star Blossom