German’s defending themselves against refugees being called ‘neo-nazis’ by mainstream news

A line of Syrian refugees crossing the border of Hungary and Austria on their way to Germany. Hungary, Central Europe, 6 September 2015.When the political correctness movement entered into full force a few years ago, not many people took it seriously. Most passed it off as a silly trend that would soon blow over. Cultural libertarians, however, feared that this movement was significantly more dangerous in the longterm than most were willing to admit. Nobody wants to believe that authoritarian leftist nonsense is genuinely threatening, but in the case of political correctness and language policing, it is exactly that.

While it is easy for us in the United States to get caught up in our own country’s issues, given the fact that the movement appears to have begun right here, it’s important to note that this dangerous brand of political correctness has spread all over the world. The infection’s effect on Europe is perhaps the worst across the board.

Since the Syrian refugee crisis began, things have been growing progressively worse, particularly for Germany There’s a direct correlation between the amount of refugees entering the country and the amount of assaults that have taken place recently. To make matters even worse, the political correctness plaguing the entire planet has made it even more dangerous for those in the country who are just trying to protect themselves.

With many Syrian refugees having been proven to be violent criminals, it’s no surprise that tensions are high, but the big issue here is that anyone with the audacity to defend themselves against their attacks is being labeled as a “neo-nazi” by the Regressive Left, who simply refuse to believe that someone from the Middle East could possibly be a rotten human being. This form of ridiculous thought-policing nonsense is what has gotten the world into so many problems as of late.

This behavior is problematic for a number of reasons, but mostly due to the fact that it forces many people who would otherwise protect themselves and their family members to simply take a beating for fear of being labeled as a racist bigot. People have a divine right to ensure that their livelihood isn’t at risk, but it’s understandable how being portrayed as evil and hateful could cause a person to have second thoughts about self-defense, as sad as that is.

This is happening all over the world now, but it’s also happening in our own backyards. Whenever someone justifiably defends themselves against a person who just so happens to be from a marginalized group, they’re painted as psychotic racists instead of what they truly are — law-abiding citizens who are just looking out for themselves.

It’s a truly dangerous world we’re living in. From Europe to America, it’s important to throw political correctness aside and look out for yourself first. You can worry about the repercussions later.

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