How To Completely Detox From Sugar in 10 Days

no-sugar-nutrition-challangeFor many years fat was blamed for weight and health problems. But research has proven that sugar is the main cause of obesity, and diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, infertility and acne.

The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day – that totals to 150 pounds a year. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how much sugar they consume since sugar is hidden in healthy foods.

But why don’t folks quit sugar since they know it’s bad for their health? Well, most people can’t quit because sugar is addictive. Research actually shows that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. You can detoxify your body from sugar in just 10 days.

How to completely detoxify from sugar in 10 days.

Decide to detox

Ask yourself a few questions like – I’m I addicted to sugar? Do I feel good when I eat sugar? Do I crave sugar and carbs? These questions will help you determine your level of addiction and make you more prepared to fight cravings.

Avoid all calorie-containing beverages

Calories from liquids are worse than calories from solid foods because they quickly get absorbed in the body and cause blood sugar spikes. Sugary beverages like sodas have been linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Complete abstinence

Addiction isn’t overcome through moderation but complete abstinence. Eating a little bit of sugar will most likely mess up the whole detox. Beware of the labeling tricks manufacturers use to hide sugar.

Eat more proteins

Protein will help balance blood sugar and reduce cravings. Eat proteins from whole foods in every meal.

Use fat to fight sugar cravings

As recent research has proven – fat doesn’t cause weight gain. In fact, it’ll keep you full and balance blood sugar levels. Get healthy fats like, avocados, olive oil, nuts, and fish.

Eat the right carbs

Feel free to eat unlimited amounts of veggies. Avoid all starchy carbs, grains and beans for the next 10 days.

Have an emergency plan

Have a plan incase cravings kick in when you’re busy or somewhere you can’t find healthy food. The best plan is to carry a healthy snack with you in these 10 days.

Avoid gluten and dairy

Avoid all dairy foods and gluten rich foods in the next 10 days. These foods cause inflammation and can trigger cravings.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep keeps out hormones out of whack, increases cravings, and lowers willpower. Get at least 7 hours of deep quality sleep every night.

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