Luna: Awake To The New Way

poolofmu-jeanlucEarthlings awake.
Awake to the new way.
A new day that calls for peace.
The sacred moment holds with focus a way of transformation. Bear witness to the sacred breath that holds answers. Walk in the tides of change, that all are ready for and responsible to create. Stand in your divinity to embrace sisters, brothers, the animal kingdoms, Mother Nature and beings of light as in aliens, archangels and angels.

Warrior of love all are,
bond with your essence enriched with the Divines energies.
Troopers you are to shed unwanted thoughts,
and habits to vibrate compassion and love.
The human form is now adjusting to new energies.
Is now metamorphosing back to a human crystalline being
in order to align and take one’s rightful place in the universe.
It happens when love is implemented.
Mother Nature has waited and is consciously embracing all life forms on earth during this time, so oneness can be felt.
Prosperity, joy, peace and dreams are to become a reality.
Catch the magic and ride the wave of unity
even in challenging times, to overcome and rise to heights of light
without fear, doubts and judgements.
Rise as new beginnings are eminent.
Say yes, yes, yes, and ground in the sacred vessel to breath dance and live fully in the heart. For living in the heart is long overdue.
Merge your shadows with love and you the wanderer can be at home secure.
You are not alone in the process of rebirth.

I am Luna energetic light of love, here to serve.

Channeled Message from Luna  By Star Blossom Goddess

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