The Week of Love! Jupiter in Libra Conjunct the Sun

week-of-loveThe week of Love starts today! 22nd September.

So, I am officially calling the week between the 22nd and the 30th September the “Week of Love”

On the 22nd September the Sun enters Libra and conjuncts Jupiter (the planet of good vibes, luck and fortune) in Venus ruled Libra (love, harmony)and reaches a peak on the 30th September when the New moon in Libra conjuncts both the Sun and Jupiter, lasting into the first week of October.

This is when Jupiter in Libra   (Sept 2016 to Oct 2017) can really come into full effect and spread his loving good vibes.

This can mean Love for couples or new love coming your way, but also just everyone will be feeling this.

Improving all aspects of our life with more joy, happiness, love and even good fortune.

Mercury in Virgo also ends the retrograde   period today, soon to be followed by Pluto which stations direct on the 26th September.

Mercury in Virgo is now conjunct the North node of fate and is also making an exact trine to Pluto .

Making this a descisive and fateful time. Our wisdom and insights gained over the Mercury retrograde phase since the 30th September are forming and becoming clearer to us now.

After the last two Eclipses, the path ahead is making its self known and by the time Mercury comes out of the shadow phase on the 6th October, we will have no further doubts about which direction we are heading in.

Mars trine Uranus is pushing us to take action now. Giving us a new lust for life. Stalled projects and plans will finally begin to start moving and manifesting.

With Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Libra today and heading towards a New moon in Libra conjunct both the Sun and Jupiter, there is no doubt that we are on the right path.

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”
– Rumi

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