Message From Mother Gaia through Star Blossom

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The office, the clinic, the center
has trees for walls,
and blue sky ceiling,
to dance under.
It has birds to realign heart.
Rivers to cleanse
and wind’s wisdom
as one listens.

The office, the clinic, the center
is Mother Earths womb,
with energies of love to heal.
And grass to rejuvenate from.
It has mountains to climb and connect with
Plant life to forage
and sun which showers warmth
to cure.

And when I return
to four concrete walls
and a carpet floor,
I radiate a healing grand.
One free with just a step
into its limitless flow.

Message From Gaia: As the poem states, Many are still unaware how healing Mother Nature and her allies are. The stream carries its water with its abilities to cleanse the body. To rid the body of negative energies and reset ones aura.

The trees wonderful beautiful trees. release a chemical from its leaves when one stands below it that has healing qualities. Take the time to  stand or sit below them and breath them in. It is no mistake that you often see a wise one meditating under a tree. That tree is aiding on their journey within.

The ground yes Mother Earth herself, has the ability when walking and by grounding to reset your cellular form. Call forth its vibration and invite it into your body.

The dirt if you lie in it, gives you a deep cleansing as if in a sauna. It is an amazing tool not used as often as it should. It can rid the body of harmful toxins that bring on disease.

The sounds as with the birds and other creatures have a soothing effect that can shift one into a state of peacefulness if you allow it just like music does. Music heals depending on the vibration so does natures music.

And the air when deep breaths are taken allow the inner self to be purified. It gives one a new lease that calms the brain. Even climbing a mountain is purifying because it gives one not only exercise but a chance to bond with its rock formations that have much wisdom to share when you focus and attune to them.

The forest itself with its foliage has many healing qualities in its plants, leaves and grass. And even some insects carry natural remedies when digested. Even if you feel alone and sad let her help to free yourself to feel harmony. Your feelings of hopelessness can be realigned to experience peace.

So you see, nature is an amazing ally, a resource for mankind to benefit from. Take the time to let go of unwanted stresses. Use your time wisely to move and receive what nature has to offer. It is free. It is unlimited and it is a tool to expand toward better health both mentally and physically.

As time goes on more, and more people are going to realize the treasures that are found in the countryside. They will awaken to receive its blessings to be healthier and more joyful.
Few doctors know of its potential not because they don’t care but they have not been taught. So now you yourself can be your own doctor to take your power and reap the benefits along with other modalities.

Mother Earth is the mother of us all alive and precious. She stands ready to assist. She is alive and deserves respect. Her life blood oil has been stolen but still she allows it as she waits for mankind to awaken. She echoes out love. Be grateful for her. And move in a state of renewal inside choice to bond with her and all her allies. Inside the gift that awaits you.

Go in Peace.

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