Ra Speaks: Time to Consciously Choose

the-eye-of-ra-46159-1920x1080Greetings from Ra,  I am honored to share with you at this moment the importance of aligning with the energies. This is a time where you become awake and shift the collective group consciousness and co create your own life. No one can make the step for you. Are you tired of being pulled into negative experiences by your thoughts. Have you had enough of riding the vibration that no longer serves by harboring judgmental thoughts.

Time to consciously choose to alight. Time to start adding to your lives practices that allow you to shed the old and move with the new. That may mean meditation, yoga, eating right. It may include listening to music that can align you or asking for help from a light worker which may include reiki or other healing technique.

You are a gift sacred, divine, and deserving. Take the reins of your life and ride the currents of energies with intention compassion and love. Commit right here and right now to your own peacefulness and that of the world. Add your light of positive thoughts no matter what is flashed on the screen by news media and be choosy on what how your spend your time in front of TV or any devices like computers and telephones. Those in the media who has been in control have spoon fed the public too long with controlling tacitness through the TV. It has a tendency to make one lazy and lathitic. They can hinder your energy and take away from what you can really accomplish in your life.

Finally know you are LOVED and LOVE and therefore you have a right as a being of light to experience your true abilities as a co creator. This is what aligning with God is about. Aligning with God self so you can reach out with compassion, creativity, no hate no fear and love. You will enjoy being your God self more and more as you reach out to others. It is time children of Earth to be WHO YOU ARE. TO BE WHO YOU ARE  to enjoy life. Go in Peace

My Light, Your light  By Star Blossom

A little light came on in heart.
It shinned the whole day through.
Shinning bright to harbor love.
It made me feel a new.

It made me dance. It made me sing,
with voice for all to hear.
As I bowed with gratitude,
I released all my fear.

We are truly filled with love
our essences are bright.
We can celebrate our gifts
that come in day or night.

I aligned within the self,
and bond with yes you all.
Understanding my real self
I answer life’s grand call.

A call to be in inner peace.
To change the world today.
As I conquer old patterns,
I move a special way.

The way is of someone awake.
Someone who now can grow.
Sharing love and compassion,
everywhere I go.

Channel: Star Blossom Goddess

Intuitive/Channeler Emissary of Love
Leader of Temple of love
Angel card reader
Spiritual Lecture and workshop facilitator
Reiki Master
Sound Healer
Interfaith Minister
Coordinator of Meet-up Meditative State
Owner of Healing On the Hudson
Coach for Peace
Professional children’s entertainer/storyteller
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