Tia: Humans Are Love

147464310297779“The greatest power that a human possesses is the power of pure love.” ― Debasish Mridha

HUMANS ARE LOVE. That being said, the more we can cultivate the love of self. the more we can move to embrace others and make a difference. The more you love others, the more it changes the energetic grid of humanity and thusly shall change the world. Thoughts are so so very powerful. Allow yourself to give the gift of love everyday weather it is in a smile, a helping hand, or sending light energy to others from your home. It all effects one another and the group conscious of the planet is evolving, expanding and in transition so continue to work on you.

Take your power back from the ego mind or others that choose to judge you. It is not necessary to know you directly in person to know you are special, precious, smart, beautiful and gifted. Power comes from looking inward, celebrating you and dancing inside to the music of your heart. Feel the love inside every breath, when you walk on the sacred Mother Earth, when you look to stars, and as you move with gratitude.  Ask for guidance from invisible forces that are here to help.

Love that inner child who never grows up in order to feel peaceful. And, And, And, keep your dreams alive as you feed the golden flame of self. In these new times we are asked to hold the love energies within and without. To stand up and ride the waves of love and compassion as the energies come. Work on focusing with intention to use love to one and all every day. As you do it anchors more and more deep into self and the earth. It anchors into our own consciousness and thusly we become the new human. All need to carry faith, hope, compassion, joy, and GRATITUDE in the invisible handbag you carry instead of hate, judgment, fear,  separation and greed.  Time to feed self with love in order to bond. The best commitment you can make is to yourself. By doing that you open the gateway for harmony and to realign inside the group consciousness.

Your role as a conscious human is to align riding self of the past and spread the love. You are NOT ALONE. By simply asking with pure intention for cleansing and alignment with gratitude is enough for your higher, self guides, and other beings to assist. Time to allow, allow, allow these new energies to enhance you. It is part of the evolutionary process to go from a mind based ego based controlling society that doesn’t honor any thing to wake up and transform into the real human who is an embodiment of love. An embodiment  of a sacred vessel part of all. Kingdoms of love based realities are now circling the planet and coming in alignment. Animal kingdoms. mineral kingdoms, fairies, aliens. They are ready to re establish relationships so welcome them in with LOVE . Show them the love. BE WHO YOU ARE AND MOVE IN PEACE. The world is a stage and waits for the actors and actresses animals and other beings to unite. In closing do your best to send love to those people who are in transition. Though you may not see the results right away know it is in process and WILL APEAR MORE AND MORE. Blessings all!

Channeled by Stars Guide “Tia”

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