Channeling the Masters: A Visit From the Star People

1465587849187 (A kilo bag of sultanas suddenly dropped out of my pantry. Never one to ignore signs, I tuned in and found a star woman standing next to the cupboard. She said her name is Anashaya and she is a member of the Inter-Planetary Galactic Federation’s (IPGF) star command, who roam the galaxies keeping order and peace. She was then joined by a taller male, Zirra. This is their message. Victoria.)

“Greetings Earth people. We are Zirra and Anashaya of the 12th Star Command. We have been called upon by AA Michael and the Federation to explain our work to you, and to give some insights into the life of star people, both on your neighbouring planets and on Earth.

Life as a Star Warrior is busy and complex. We do not spend much time on our home planets, which can be far away from each other and in different time zones and dimensions. We are a peaceful force who are employed by the galactic nations to roam the universe keeping peace and watching for danger. Our crafts are large and supersonic, able to travel at the speed of light and through dimensions, portals and time zones. We have been given the highest power, within spiritual law, to police across nations and galaxies, as the universe operates under the law of oneness with the ALL.

Humans live in suspicion of alien races and your movies show us to be violent and vengeful. This is, in the main, not true. Most alien races are peaceful and gregarious, wishing only to live in harmony with their planet and with each other. There are, however, some races who wish to dominate all and to be the most powerful race in the Universe. Humans, we are sad to say, are amongst those races and are considered dangerous amongst the peaceful alien races.

Many alien planets are not, as humans surmise, advanced races, although most would consider their intellect to be superior to that of the human race. However, the IPGF represent those nations whose technological knowledge, universal wisdom and intellect are most superior and who have mastered the art of space travel across time, space, galaxies and dimensions. The frequencies which we emit are of the highest and most advanced, and our abilities allow us to gather universal intelligence with speed and accuracy. We know what is happening in solar systems three galaxies away and can have representation there within minutes of your time with no trouble at all.

Our mission is to keep the peace and to stop physical invasion by beings into peaceful nations. We also monitor space debris, traffic and communications between planets. There are some planets we have no jurisdiction over, Earth being one, but if our territory is breached we can act.

Many humans have lived lives as star people and even as representatives on planetary councils, the federation or on star commands. However, as humans contain egos and are living in the very dense third dimension, most of you would not remember your experiences or access the universal knowledge that you still retain. Many star people walk amongst you today, having reincarnated as human beings, but a smaller number walk on Earth for a short time, integrating with your society and planting the seeds of either ascension or destruction. The duality of life on Earth means that many star people have succumbed to the lure of the power of the dark and actively work against humanity in order to keep control of global populations. Many other star seeds, however, have awoken to their Divine gifts and alien ancestry and are actively working for the ascension of Earth to bring it once and for all into the light of the Creator and the energy of oneness.

We are talking to you today to ask you what choices you have made? Have you chosen to live in fear and to allow the darkness to permeate your soul, or do you actively choose to walk in the light, rejecting the illusion of terror? Are you ready to reclaim your Divine birthright and your alien ancestry for the higher good? We, as are all members of the IPGF, are ready to assist only those who choose the light and who wish to access their higher knowledge for the greatest good.

WE ARE Zirra and Anashaya at your service.”

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