Goddess of the Super Moon Brings a Message to Both Sexes

147674534172681The first of the 3 powerful Super Moons which will culminate this year of transformation, assists us in taking a gigantic leap forward to step further into our greatness and the expression our Truth.

There is no need to reiterate what we already know happened during the time of the patriarchy, but it is imperative now that we let go of all that discordant energy and start afresh.

This is true for men also as they have lovingly taken on the role in this lifetime to help women release some of this past wrongdoing.  Remember that at the core of our being we hold both the Feminine and Masculine energy and are united as One.

Of course, there are few of us that fully understand what is happening and why, but what is important is to know that what we are experiencing is not our fault. We have done nothing wrong.

Our physical and emotional body is releasing much of this discordant energy now and as a result, we are suffering a vast range of symptoms that have arisen due to the clearing of the throat and sacral chakras.

Some of these symptoms include tightness in the throat, skin issues such as itchiness and increased sensitivity around the eyes, mouth and even swollen, chapped lips, as well as sensitivity in the ears, particularly the left ear as the left side of the physical body is releasing stuff to do with the past. Shoulders may become tight and tense with the increased tension being felt in the body. Negative issues to do with repressed sexuality are also coming to the foreground to be released.

So, be extra gentle with yourself. Love yourself unconditionally and know that all is well. You have done nothing wrong and you are being supported throughout this transition. You can help the energy to flow by staying clear and knowing that you are being supported by your Higher Self in releasing this past conditioning.

It is also important to know that it is now that we are bringing into balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies on Planet Earth, more so than ever before.

Before the patriarchy came into play, the matriarchy was the dominant force. Dominance of any kind cannot be tolerated in the new frequencies. Always there must be balance. There must be perfect attunement and alignment within all aspects of ourselves.

This is imperative as we merge at a deeper level in soul consciousness with all aspects of ourselves, as we become re-united with our Divine Feminine and Masculine counterpart energy, our Beloved Twin Flame essence.


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