Benefits Of Mushrooms

porcini-mushrooms-jpg-653x0_q80_crop-smartThere are over 140,000 species of mushrooms, and some have strong medicinal properties. Numerous health benefits have been discovered in the 100 species of mushrooms that have been studied.

Make sure you eat organic mushrooms because they can be harmful when grown in bad environment. Note that mushrooms have more health benefits than the ones listed below. For instance, mushrooms have been proven to enhance weight loss.

Here are 4 major benefits you’ll experience if you eat mushrooms regularly. You can eat them fresh or substitute them with meat when making a burger.

1. How mushrooms eliminate vitamin D deficiency

Did you know that mushrooms have high vitamin D content than any other food? But they’re only rich in this vitamin if they’ve been exposed to sunlight. If you grow them in your garden make sure they’re exposed to sunlight.

One study found that eating white button mushrooms extract can increases vitamin D levels as much as vitamin D2 or D3 supplements do. Getting enough sunlight plus eating mushrooms will ensure you’ll never have vitamin D deficiency.

2. How mushrooms fight cancer

Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and many anticancer properties. For one thing, they contain lectins which prevent growth of cancer cells, and can prevent breast cancer. Secondly, mushrooms are rich in selenium which is also known to fight cancer – studies show that this compound can prevent bladder cancer.

3. How mushrooms fix thyroid disorder

More than 12 million American women walk around with undiagnosed thyroid disorder. Thyroid disorder slows metabolism, triggers weight gain and makes it harder for the body to regulate body temperature.

Well, mushrooms can benefit your thyroid gland. Most mushroom species are rich in antioxidants, iron and vitamin D. And all these nutrients help eliminate thyroid disorder.

4. How mushrooms improve immune function

A study published by American Society of Nutrition found that mushrooms improve immune function by enhancing production of antiviral and proteins released by cells. Another study found that eating one or two servings of shiitake mushrooms promote the immune function.

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