Cannabis Heals Autism

cannabis-oilCBD oil (Cannabidiol) has long been proven to combat negative effects of numerous diseases and health problems. Of course, due to the fact that it isn’t being peddled by the drug-pushing pharmaceutical companies, this information has been kept out of the hands of the average American citizen. Instead, they are still being led to believe that anything related to cannabis and marijuana is evil and should never be consumed.

Unfortunately for them, the facts don’t support their ridiculous claims. In fact, they completely disregard them.

Consider Kalel Santiago — a three-year-old boy in Puerto Rico suffering from severe autism. After years of not speaking, Kalel was given CBD oil, and after just two days of use, began talking to his parents. The Free Thought Project reports, “Kalel’s parents knew very little about autism at the time, and sought out a way to ensure that their child would be helped. They found measurable success from various schools and therapeutic techniques, including one that used surfing as a means of therapy. After trying various methods, the Santiago family was made aware of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a non-psychoactive treatment for autism.”

Once again, the powers that be have made it difficult for families and children in need to gain access to cannabis products for reasons that are entirely greedy and disgusting. They know that parents will do everything they possibly can in order to ensure the safety of their children, so they push chemical pharmaceutical drugs onto them as the only option — intentionally failing to mention that cannabis is a much healthier, much more reliable alternative.

The American people need to band together to demand that the federal government — and the big corporations that own the federal government — finally start telling the truth about cannabis. We have gathered the actual data ourselves and know that not only does cannabis not threaten people’s lives, it actually improves them in numerous ways. Sadly, those pulling the strings refuse to acknowledge that we have caught onto their game. Many people are taking CBDs, although there is rampant fraud in the industry. The best way to verify the CBDs are real, is to make sure they were lab validated. CWC Labs is quickly becoming the standard lab for the hemp industry.

People like Kalel Santiago benefit tremendously from CBD oil, without causing any harm, so how can the federal government in the United States justify keeping it from people like him? This is precisely why so many of us have begun rejecting the power of the government. We now know — without question — that they don’t have our best interests in mind, so why should we continue to protect their reputation by allowing them to get away with lying to us?

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