The Hathors: The Frequency of Your Desires

maxresdefault“Something that you desire has a particular frequency about it. The frequency is what you’re really after. The thing, the person, the job, whatever it is, is not really what you are seeking. It carries a certain resonance. It represents something to you that can also be found within you.

But when it is outside of you, it is so much easier to appreciate. You can touch it. In some cases you can drive it or live in it. In some cases it will tell you that it loves you. And therefore, it is very attractive. And we are not telling you to not want those things for yourself. We are not here to give you that type of lecture. We are here instead to help you understand why you want the things that you want and what they represent to you.

If you can look within you and feel for the absence of those frequencies that they represent, then your not getting what you want in life will serve you very well. Because then you can identify where you have those apparent holes within yourselves that you are looking to fill. So what is it that you want in life? And what is the frequency that it carries for you? And can you feel within yourself the absence of that frequency?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ there is no need for you to feel ashamed or wrong or bad. That is simply part of your setup. That is something you wanted to experience. So, how can you fill those holes when the objects of your desire remain out of reach? The truest answer to that question is that your awareness that you are trying to fill those holes is such a positive step in the right direction that all the rest will just be something that you do, or something that you tell yourself, that gives you a reason to believe that it is then possible to fill those holes by yourself.

Nothing is really necessary here, other than that awareness. But we will give you something. We will tell you that the intention for you to find that frequency within yourself would be the next step that we would recommend. And then we would add that the frequency does in fact exist inside of you, but it lies dormant. So you do not have to conjure it up or drum it up out of thin air. It is in there. It is just not active.

So we recommend that you feel around for it, knowing that it is in fact there and that you can activate it with your intention, with your focus, with your desire, and simply by acknowledging that you are whole, just as you are, and that nothing is required to give you a sense of completeness. You are complete. And the more you feel for that completeness, the more those frequencies will naturally activate themselves.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

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