Sun Visits Scorpio

scorpioIn the Northern Hemisphere we have just entered the Freeze Up Time of our Medicine Wheel. Our Animal Totem guide is Snake, shedding the old. We are still in the West Direction, the place of adulthood, self-responsibility, and finding our inner power. The keyword is INNER!!! We have entered the Dark Time when the Lunar Force, intuitive knowing, is strongest. Because the Medicine Wheel relates to the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere you are in the East Direction of your Wheel, the place of awakening and inspired new beginnings. This is your Growing Time with Beaver, building the new, as your Totem guide. But before you can build the new you have to clear a space for the new. So that is the theme for this Sun cycle. You have entered the time when the Solar Force is strongest, Cosmic Consciousness.

Astrologically Grandfather Sun is visiting the sign of Scorpio for all of us. Let us start with Scorpio. The energy is deep, intense, and sometimes secretive. When Scorpio clients come for readings it can sometimes feel like “pulling teeth” until they feel safe in sharing their deepest self. On the natural zodiac wheel Scorpio is associated with the 8th House. It is the place that shows support from others on a financial, moral, and physical level. It is associated with death, transformation, and rebirth as well as secrets, sexuality, psychic sensitivity, and the occult.  I call Scorpio the gateway to The Mysteries. Scorpio demands we identify what no longer serves us and release whatever that is by healing and transforming ourselves. The Astrological symbols are the Scorpion, who attacks and stings, The Eagle, who has keen insight but is detached, and the Phoenix/Dove, resurrection and rebirth.  Needless to say the energy of this next month is intense. Whatever you need to release now is the time to do it.

The planetary guide for the Sun’s journey is Pluto in Capricorn. He is supporting us to be empowered in the world by releasing that which no longer serves us. Pluto tears down the old structures that no longer work. In Capricorn he is wanting to transform society. We need more humans to commit to that task as we are not doing too well. The Soul Centered guide is Mars, determined action. He is in Capricorn, his sign of exaltation (strength), until Nov 08/09. Then he moves into Aquarius, Cosmic Consciousness. On Nov 08, Election Day in the US, he will be at 29 degrees Capricorn. That is a completion degree. We will just have to wait and see what the American public chooses.

For the Sun’s journey through Scorpio the Clan Mother guide is Walks Tall Woman. She is the guardian of leadership and new pathways. She teaches us to develop inner strength and Walk The Truth. (The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams). Scorpio is found on the Tarot Constellation of The Emperor: Life Force and Realization of Power. Not ego power but Divine Power. Both Scorpio and Taurus (the Earth is in Taurus while the Sun is in Scorpio) are 4th Ray signs. That is the Ray of Harmony Through Conflict or Harmony Through Beauty and Peace. It is the Ray of humanity. So what will we chose during this time of transformation?

I have a quotation that describes the Scorpio journey well. It is from Ram Das, a great spiritual teacher. “So it is that we must weather that dark time…the period of transformation…when what was familiar has been taken away… and the new richness is not yet ours”. At the Aries Full Moon of Oct 15/16 we talked about A New Way of Being. That is the new richness.

Blessings Dale.

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