Adama of Telos: Latest Energy Update

adamaoftelosWe are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

Today, we will be speaking about your heart-mind connection.

Many of you are working on being in your heart as much as you can.

That is a big part of your ascension.

However, some of you are not quite coming to terms with it.

When we are talking about being in your heart, there are two things to consider:

1. When you remain in your heart, your connection to your Divine Guidance becomes stronger. 

That means that any action you are taking is Divinely Guided.

Once you have received your inspired action, simply send this information to your mind to implement the guided information you have received.

Your mind is a good thing and it has its place.

You have been conditioned to make decisions with your mind first and then ask your heart, if it is a good idea.

However, the ascended way is the opposite:

First, connect with your heart, then with your Divine Guidance and then, send the information to your mind for implementation and decision making.

Not only will your life be Divinely Guided, but is also becomes much easier, as many of the inspired actions are shortcuts to what you wish to create.

2.  When you remain in your heart, you are accessing an infinite well of unconditional Love.

Some of you are thinking that being in your heart means that you should give more love than you have.

However, when you connect with your heart and then with Source, you are connected with the infinite and unconditional Love of Source. 

This will allow you to see others and the world around you through the eyes of Source: with infinite and unconditional love.

It will cause everything and everyone to respond differently to you.

Your experiences will become more loving.

Your Divine Guidance becomes stronger.

Your actions will be Divinely inspired.

Your life will become easier, more joyful and you are accelerating your ascension.

We champion your victory in the Light!

Welcome Home!

We send you all so much love…

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.” 

» Source – Channel: Asara