Archangel Michael And Raziel: Let Go Of Fear And Stand In Your Power Now

thebluerayEnergy Reading for this week:  Let go of fear and stand in your Power Now!

This morning Archangel Michael is stepping forward with his message to “Let go of fear Now!” And then Archangel Raziel also steps forward with his message, “Stand in your Power Now!”

What does this all mean and why now are we receiving these messages?

The mind is always reeling with thoughts, most of which are useless and serve only to take us out of our spiritual center, our heart. This morning I joked with the angels to please give me a lobotomy so I could have a clear mind. They answered back and said, “Use your mind constructively.”

But how do I do that when my mind never stops?

“Make it stop. Your mind awaits your command. Your mind is your most powerful creative tool and it gets bored easily if not used! Therefore use it. The more you use your mind, the less it will be inclined to listen to the ego.”

“The ego feeds off useless information that perpetuates a fear-based reality. The heart, which is where your innate power lies, feeds off love. Therefore choose to live in your heart for this is where your power lies.”

I know this, and I am choosing to live in my heart!

“The ego is persistent, and ironically it is through its relentlessness and persistence that you’re given the opportunity in learning to take back your power! Remain steadfast and do not give up!”

Don’t give up on the magic of Life, the magic of Creation! Don’t give up on your Self either and your innate power to create your reality!

The Magic of Life and the Magic of Creation lies within you. Remember you are at all times connected to the Magic and it is only your ego can convince you otherwise!

We love you and remind you that we are here to support you as always!


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