Mike Quinsey 7/7/2017

mikequinseyThese are times when the truth can no longer be hidden by the various countries involved in exploration in the Antartica. So much has been discovered under the ice that they would rather no one else knew about, but the enormity of their finds is such that it is impossible to keep it all secret. Humanity deserves to know the truth of its past and a correct version of its history

13 Signs Of A Toxic Parent And How They Traumatize Their Children Without Realizing It

starseedsThere are all kinds of parents and parenting possibilities. Some are very strict and control every aspect of their child’s life, others are very chill and let the child make their own decisions and mistakes. It is most certain that although there are many different approaches, all parents want to do the best for their kids. Unfortunately, some parents fail to be the best supporters and examples