Mike Quinsey: Human History

mikequinseyCan you believe that you are over half way through the present year. If ever you needed proof of the special times you are now in you need look no further. Changes are likely to come thick and fast that will propel you into the New Age, so that you can enjoy the advantages and benefits to be gained. Nothing will stop them coming into being and as you must know by now, the ultimate is

SOUL: Source Of Unconditional Love

iamthesoulGreetings Light Warriors!

It is now in these times that we must begin to strengthen the connection with our true self, our SOUL(Source Of Unconditional Love). For it is our soul that will reveal to us the next steps we need to take towards

Ashtar: Open Yourselves Up To The Veil Within You Dropping Rapidly

ashtarI AM Ashtar and I bring you great greetings and great tidings for so many things are shifting and changing.

Not in the future, not in the days to come, but in the perfect now that you are in because you are in the now. There is nothing that is keeping you from continuing to have that

The Council: Separation

elohim beingsToday we would ask a question of you. Please ponder your answer well. What would your life, your thoughts, your beliefs about yourself be like if we could prove to you that you were not separate from anything?

We ask you this in order to show you the truth about what has been called the illusion. The biggest fallacy

Children, Dirt, Immune System

group-of-childrenWhile most parents would do their best to keep their children and their homes as clean as possible, others are happy to let their children get dirty. Jack Gilbert is one such parent. According to Gilbert, encouraging children to play in the mud isn’t just good for them, but