Spiritual Meaning And Causes of High & Low Blood Pressure, Atherosclerosis

careforyourbodyeraoflightBlood pressure is one of the most important signs of the body. Blood pressure refers to the force blood applies on the blood vessel walls during the relaxation and contraction of the heart muscle. Optimal blood pressure is less than 120/80 (systolic/diastolic).

High blood pressure, also known as

The Arcturians: Perceiving the Unperceivable Part 1

arcturiansWe, the Arcturians, are joyous to talk with you a bit more about the experience of “Synchronistic Missions.” A “Synchronistic Mission” is when two or more people feel called to share their “mission to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.” These couples, or larger groups, were formed on the Starships before they took their present incarnation to Gaia. When it is the

Council of Radiant Light: How Your Sovereignty Affects Others

ascended beingsHello, Dear Friends,

We greet you in love. Today, we want to focus on willingness, willingness, specifically, as it relates to choosing sovereignty. We know that it’s still challenging for you to give yourself permission to really be sovereign, to mind your own business

Archangel Metatron: I Wish You Could See Yourself As I Do

aa metatronI wish you could SEE yourself as I do. That you could SEE your light that wants to glow, show, come through every living cell. A star in human form, walking around star shine BEAMING, and star dust stuff in your every molecule of DNA.

I wish you could FEEL yourself as I can

HeavenLetters: Love Blooming

heavenlettersGod: I am always in Silence, and, at the same time, an echo of Me is always speaking. What I say reverberates. My Silence is complete, yet a chord never finishes. I sing. I have said it before. I sing of thee. I sing to thee. Of the One of you, I sing, and the Universe sings with Me, and you sing with Me. There is one Song, and it is the Song of Myself sung in

Saul: Forgive and Be At Peace

saulAll is One. Each and everyone of you is individual, and, in this same now moment, the only moment, the eternal endless moment, in fact the Holy Instant, you are One with Source, Father/Mother/God. There is No Separation! There is only One, but, as humans in physical form, you remain unaware of this. Intellectually many have accepted this truth, but very few have sufficiently detached

Embodiment and Activation Of The 12D Core Of Authenticity

dna activationBeloveds,

We have some fantastic news to report. We are still in the GATEWAY of the Solstice Energy. Remember the Solstice can last up to 10 days before and after the actual event takes place. In this case with the Solar Eclipse arriving in August it will