Mother Mary: Everyone Is Being Affected By My Tsunami Of Love

m mary“When you go about your day, shopping or doing your chores, you meet others in a great deal of pain and suffering that are coming to you for your light and for your beauty…”

Greetings my sweet Annas! I am Mare, Universal Mother Mary; I am your Mother, Mother of hope and love

Astrology for August 2017

astrology eraoflightRUNE OF THE MONTH: Laguz “the lake”. The lake reflects all its surroundings and yet remains impenetrable. Its secrets are found by diving into its depths. Becoming sacred witnesses to our environment, in serenity, without judgment, helps us be aware of what is really going on around us. By the same token, we become powerful mirrors for others to see

The Council: The Universal Question

council of mastersIn the last week or so, I have been asked this question often in questions from readers. I sat to channel about it this morning and received an urge to look at pasts posts. I found an excellent one that I believe could hardly be improved upon. It is copied below. Enjoy.

The most common, no, the universal

Arcturian Council: Healing Past Life Trauma

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are facing traumatic situations from past lives that you are working through in this lifetime, and you do so most of the time without having any awareness of

Sananda and Lady Nada: The Veil Is Only There For Those Who Will Not See Beyond It

energy updateSANANDA

I AM Sananda. And as always it is wonderful to be with you with this group with all that share in our understanding our remembering of who and what we all are.