Mary and Jesus: Upliftment For Your Soul

jesus and maryGod bless you, my children, I am Mary. I have come with love and with the blessings of The Great, Great Spirit. We in Spirit know the happenings of the world and in Spirit we give power and love that will be a healing balm to those who are suffering dire stress. We wish you to know that the souls that are coming over to our side are being cared for and that each one has its helpers so

Saul: Forgive And Be At Peace

saulAll is One.  Each and everyone of you is individual, and, in this same now moment, the only moment, the eternal endless moment, in fact the Holy Instant, you are One with Source, Father/Mother/God.  There is No Separation!  There is only One, but, as humans in physical form, you remain unaware of this. Intellectually many have accepted this truth, but very few have sufficiently

Wheatgrass heals 74-year-old man with cancer, after doctors give him only weeks to live

careforyourbodyeraoflightIf you could heal your cancer with a few shots of wheatgrass every morning instead of undergoing chemotherapy , would you do it? It may sound crazy, but 74-year-old Danny McDonald from Ireland did just that. McDonald was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and doctors warned him that without undergoing their prescribed treatments, he’d likely be dead within three months.

An Italian Doctor Shocked The World: Cancer Is A Fungus That Can Be Treated With Baking Soda!

cicn eolAccording to Italian doctor Tulio Simonchini, cancer is nothing but a fungus which can be eliminated with baking soda. Dr. Simonchini used this method to cure thousands of patients suffering from different types of cancer, and claims that it is 100% effective.

The therapy isn’t harmful at all and

Benjamin Fulford: Out of 20 G20 Leaders 19 Are Fraud Endorsing Bankster Slaves

benjamin fulfordLast weekend’s G20 meeting of so-called world leaders was very revealing because 19 out of 20 of them publicly endorsed the fraud based global warming scam known as the Paris accords. This happened despite the fact carbon-based global warming is being proved both legally and scientifically to be a fraud. Michael Mann, the author of the global warming “hockey stick” graph