God’s Message: Change Your Own Frame of Mind

godmessagesRather than thinking of all the qualities that people are not, credit people with what they are.

In terms of the world, no one is perfect. No one else can fulfill you. You have to fulfill yourself. There are great people you can rely on for a great deal, yet not one you can truly rely on for everything. Who told you that you were supposed to find people who will fulfill everything for you? Where did this idea come from?

Fulfill yourself. You are no one’s baby to nurture all day long.

When you rely on yourself and Me, of course, you are hitting the nail on the head.

From the Earth view, there is no one you can’t find fault with. Someone’s veritable weakness, as you see it, may well be the other side of his veritable strength. In any case, it is not for you to reformat your friends and family and co-workers and bosses or the man on the street.

It’s definitely time for you to set yourself straight, or you will be a thorn in your own side. Do you see the Truth in what I’m saying?

It is not for you to be THE critic of the world. Let people be in peace. There is much fault to find with someone who is a perfect critic of the world. You would not be so disappointed in others if you did expect them to always please you. Recluse yourself from being a master of finding fault.

For some or many, it seems like a hopeless task not to see fault. It’s not like you keep looking for it – or is it? There are little things that just set your nerves on edge.

Somehow, you have to find a way to make yourself less fastidious.

It is clear that when you actually are perfect, then you can really cast the first stone. Of course, this will be never, dear ones, for it is also clear that, in terms of the world, not even you are perfect either. Someone won’t like the way you chew or how you cut your hair and a whole long list.

Bodies trip you up. Without bodily form, it might well be easier for you to be more loving. Without bodies, what is there to bother you? Without bodies, what imperfection would you see? Without bodies, what would annoy you? Without bodies, your corrections would have no basis, for, without the existence of bodies, what would you object to?

What noise would annoy you? What appearance? What food? What perfume? Without bodies, what could be slimy or, for that matter, what could be perfect to the touch?

Without bodies, you would live on a deeper layer of wonderfulness, yet you would miss other layers of delight denied you. Find a way to enjoy the sensations you enjoy and not get ruffled about what you don’t.

Don’t allow the downsides of relationships tie you up in knots. We come back again to reaping joy where you find it and letting go of annoyance where you glimpse it. Keep your vision high, and what you can’t keep high, well, then, let it go.

It’s tricky, of course. You certainly would like to be free of annoyance if only you knew how.

Here’s another aspect that may, just may, help you. And that is to remove one word from your vocabulary. Remove the one word should or the two words should notShould and its relatives, must, have to, got toought to – when you avail yourself of them — they may well push you into a corner of fault-finding fervor.

If you have to be silent, be silent. And if you can bring yourself to be silent, change your frame of mind.

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