Is Your Family Karma Affecting Your Journey?

spiral starMany of us experience the pressing feeling of not ‘belonging’ into our families or where we originated. In our attempt to break free or rebel against family structures we often struggle with lifelong family and relationship issues, which are very often interconnected. Depending on our karmic set-up, family constellation and childhood experiences these inner and outer conflicts can

Solomon: Sacred Symbols

baldorConnecting with my Main Guide in the vibration of Solomon whom has asked for his message to be reshared to mark the celebration of the anchoring of the Divine Feminine on the Earth Plane yesterday,

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with Beloved Solomon, and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following

How to Love Your Dark Side

meditationWe all have a side of ourselves (or multiple sides) that we don’t want others to see. You might think of this as your “dark side,” or the Gollum in you (as my friend Adam calls it).

It might be that you procrastinate, waste inordinate amounts of time on a certain site or game, drink or

Acupuncture, Safe And Effective Alternative To Drugs

careforyourbodyeraoflightA recent study published in revealed that acupuncture may serve as a safe and effective alternative to pain-relieving drugs for patients arriving at a hospital’s emergency room. As part of the study, a team of researchers led by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia that examined 528 patients with acute low back pain, migraine, or ankle sprains who