Sheldan Nidle: In The Know

sheldan_nidle6 Ik, 17 Kumku, 13 Caban

Dratzo! The delivery system continues to move forward. It is believed that first indications suggest that everything required is now in place. It shows us just how well this forward motion is likely to play out, and is only the beginning for what is soon to follow. The key point is that those who are

Corey Goodie Update On Ascension

energy updateUpdate, Have you been feeling dizzy, light headed, head aches, agitated with the loss of appetite?:

After watching SuspiciousObservers report from yesterday I thought I would make a little post about

Archangel Michael: Riding The Waves Like Masters

aa michaelDear Ones,

Truly a time to rejoice on this Earth! You are flowing with ALL that is unravelling on these shifting timelines. Riding the waves like Masters.

Many still remain unsure as to what is unravelling, but KNOW within your hearts that all is transpiring

USC Researchers Discover How to Regenerate Your Entire Immune System in 72 Hours

meditation one eraoflightThe immune system is something that is highly misunderstood not just by everyday people but also by the many conventional doctors who we depend on for health advice.

Most people resort to things like synthetic vitamins and medicines (ignoring better natural alternatives)

Lady Venus Kumara: How Your Heart Guides You

venusbeingsAllow yourself to be guided by your heart. Then you will knock on the right door in the end!


It is of invaluable importance to

God’s Message: Like the Water

heavenlettersDear Ones, naturally, you want Life to be amenable, easy-going, always on tap. Life is not meant to be in a furor. And so, may you be like the water.

Water has great power. It has great content. Water is for all. At the same time as you can measure it and

You’ve Catapulted Yourself

body of lightDear Ones,

You are discovering you can no longer hold onto that which you have hidden from yourself for so long.

Perhaps you think that such is as