Lady Venus Kumara: How Your Heart Guides You

venusbeingsAllow yourself to be guided by your heart. Then you will knock on the right door in the end!


It is of invaluable importance to properly understand how to let yourself be guided by your heart. Many people believe that once they listen to their hearts they can never be mislead to the wrong door and the heart always chooses the right door.

This is not the case. Consider both that

  • the heart leads you to the very door that is beneficial for your development at this moment, and that
  • your heart will continue to lead you to „wrong doors“ until you are capable of recognizing the right door.

Trust your „gut instinct“, rely on your „heart“ – because you will always be guided to where you are supposed to be right now and to where your next insights can be reaped.

Some people think that, as soon as they let themselves be guided by their hearts, all their visions and dreams will be fulfilled with ease and everything will just fall into place.  This, too, is not true.

An “easy” human life means a lack of challenges. And this lack – from a cosmic point of view – is just as unwanted as any other kind of deficiency. This is to say that huge challenges mold a human life and allow each human being to grow and transform.

How can you make the right decisions? And what is a “right” decision?

What is right?

Right is what promotes you, what facilitates your spiritual growth, and what brings you closer to recognizing god.

In that respect it is advisable to trust your heart because it steers your steps and moves your life in the right direction – even when you are lead to unexpected results.

Many things that seem wrong from the human point of view are right from a higher perspective, and vice versa. Therefore it is of high value to never get discouraged by “wrong” decisions and to continue your “path of the heart”, come rain or come shine.

Before you knock on the right door you will have come a long way, and before it is opened to you, you must have experienced what you came here to experience.

Your heart never misguides you, but it sometimes leads you to paths that your mind would never have considered. Your heart always keeps you on track even if sometimes it feels like you are deviating. Your heart always knows where your next step should take you, even if often you had different ideas in your mind.

So trust your heart unconditionally, let it rule your life until the pathways of your inner guidance are completely revealed to you.

Your heart always brings you closer to god. It knows the way and often treads paths that are unknown to you. If you trust your heart, you trust yourself. This is the base on which true self-confidence will prosper and the field in which confidence in god will thrive.

In order to be received and carried by the flow of life, follow your heart.

I am the light, love and life.

I am


» Source – Channel: John J Kassl